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Chapter 2708: You Reminded Me

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He simply bought a flat that was 300 square meters.

Who would expect that after a string of events, that place would now be where Lin Liye and Han Zhuofeng were staying

Lin Liye was even happy, telling Han Zhuoling that, luckily, the house he had bought was not very big.

Together with Han Zhuofeng, thats where she stayed.

Han Zhuofeng was always not home during the day, learning from his master.

Usually, she was alone.

Even with her sister-in-law, it still felt empty.

“How about you move there with Xiaoya” suggested Han Dongping.

Han Zhuoling heard this and guessed Han Dongpings intentions.

Lin Liye acted dumb.

“Its fine.

They are so comfortable in their own world.

If they move back, there will be me in the middle.

They wont feel comfortable just as I wont.”

Han Dongping said immediately, “You can move back and stay with me.

You shouldnt keep staying at Zhuolings place.

Let Zhuofeng move back too.

Wouldnt that house be empty for Zhuoling then As for Zhuolings and Xiaoyas current place, lets completely renovate it.”

Lin Liye laughed.

“You reminded me.”

Han Dongping froze.

Reminded her of what

He had a feeling that the thing that Lin Liye was going to do was definitely not something that he would want to see.

Then he saw Lin Liye take out a title deed.

“This is for the villa that I just bought.

Its located in the new villa area beside where you are staying now.

You can renovate your house however you want.

Its very near where you are staying now, so its very convenient for you to check the renovations or to move.

“Its my name on the title deed now,” said Lin Liye, smiling.

“I wanted to give this to you as a wedding gift, so I didnt let Zhuoling buy the house using his name.

“When youre done with your marriage matter, then we can transfer and change the ownership to you,” said Lin Liye, smiling.

To them, a house or a villa was nothing.

They would not fight because of this.

In the future, whether Lin Liye would give it to Han Zhuoling or Han Zhuofeng, it did not matter.

Because all of them had the power to buy these.

Just like Lin Liye, they could buy it if they wanted to, as simple as buying a shirt.

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But its the thought of Lin Liye that counted and moved Shi Xiaoyas heart.

Shi Xiaoya waved her hand, saying, “What transfer Theres no need to do that.

Mom, you bought it for us, well just stay there.”

After Shi Xiaoya finished speaking, she turned to Han Zhuoling, seeking his opinion.

Han Zhuoling nodded as he smiled.

“Xiaoya is right.

Were one family.

Theres no need to state whats yours and mine.”

Lin Liye nodded and did not say more.

Han Dongping was speechless.

He had planned it nicely, but it was disrupted once again by Lin Liye.

When would Lin Liye move back in with him


That night, everyone went to Sheng Yue.

The Shi family also arrived there.

Upon seeing Shi Guanzhong and his wife, Old Mrs.

Han and Lin Liye dragged Du Yiqin away and started talking.

Old Mr.

Han was talking to Han Dongping and Shi Guanzhong.

Han Dongping was a lot humbler than before.

Besides, the Shi family was pretty well off, so even if he wanted to show off, he could not.

After a while, Han Zhuoli came with Lu Man.

Unexpectedly, they came with Han Zhuofeng.

“Why did you come with your second brother and sister-in-law” asked Lin Liye after she saw Han Zhuofeng.

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