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Chapter 2711: The Phones Rang Almost at the Same Time

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Lu Man asked the others, “The ones that I ordered, do you all like to eat them”

Unexpectedly, when they heard the dishes Lu Man ordered, their mouths had watered.

They all requested the chef to make more of the dishes.

They wanted a big plate of Big Plate Chicken, so everyone could eat.

The lamb skewers were ordered so that one person would get two skewers, but Lu Man ordered five for herself.

Everyone also wanted Meat in a Bun.

The general manager was speechless.


He wondered if the chef would cry when they received the order.

After the general manager and the waiter left, Lu Man laughed, embarrassed.

“Im not sure whats wrong with me nowadays; I really like to eat Southern dishes.”

Han Zhuoli smiled and said, “Yes.

We still have semi-finished pita bread in mutton soup at home.”

Du Yiqin asked, surprised, “Usually, when people are pregnant, they develop very sensitive tastebuds.

Dont you think that the taste of mutton is too strong”

Lu Man shook her head.

“After I got pregnant, my taste didnt change.

When I just found out about the pregnancy, I was more sensitive and could not accept the food that I liked to eat before.

But after a while, I returned to normal.

“What I liked to eat before, now I love it even more.

And all of a sudden, I would crave for one of them.

As for the food that I hated before, now I cant even stand to look at it; I cant even stand the smell.”

“Looks like your child will follow your taste,” Du Yiqin said, smiling.

The people talked and laughed.

They actually did not talk a lot about Han Zhuolings and Shi Xiaoyas marriage.

After all, the two had been together for quite some time, and it was not the first time that the two families had sat together.

They had already passed the stage of being courteous to each other.

As for Han Zhuolings and Shi Xiaoyas marriage, both families were resting assured and did not say a lot regarding this.

Just when the mood was pretty good, Han Zhuolis and Han Zhuolings phones rang almost at the same time.

The two looked at each other, then looked at their own phones.

They were from their own assistants, Zheng Tianming and Tong Chunian.

They were confused.

Zheng Tianming and Tong Chunian called almost at the same time.

Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling could not help but feel that the two were calling to say the same thing.

The two excused themselves and went out together to pick up their phones.

Han Zhuoling picked up the phone.

“What happened”

Tong Chunian said hurriedly, “Young Master Ling, there are people online saying that Miss Shi interfered with the marriage between you and Xia Yixin.”

Han Zhuoling frowned.

“Didnt Xia Yixin use this trick before We were already over this last time.”

Han Zhuoling did not hesitate to say that Xia Yixin had cheated and even said that the child was not his just to make sure that Shi Xiaoya was deemed innocent.

During that time, Xia Yixin had been criticized by everyone.

Han Zhuoling had also gained a lot of popularity.

Even if it was exposed again now, would the netizens follow the tune

Didnt the netizens already know why Han Zhuoling and Xia Yixin divorced

Han Zhuoling frowned.

Tong Chunian said, “The one who was exposing it said that both you and Xia Yixin cheated.

When Xia Yixin was cheating, you also cheated with Shi Xiaoya.

But you hid it very well, so Xia Yixin did not know.

“Its also said that Xia Yixin already knew about it, but because of last time, when you dealt with her first and everyone criticized her, no matter what she said, people would not believe her anymore.

Since its a new direction, the netizens believe it.”

“Got it.

I will take a look at the details first.” Han Zhuoling hung up after finishing his sentence..

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