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Chapter 2712: Matter of Time Before She Knows

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Han Zhuoli, who was standing on the opposite side, had just finished his call and came over.

He saw that Han Zhuoling was not in a good mood and said, “Are the things Tong Chunian and Zheng Tianming said the same thing”

Han Zhuoling looked around, saw that there was nobody else, and said softly, “Tong Chunian just told me that theres someone online who said that both Xia Yixin and I cheated.”

“Then its the same thing.” Han Zhuoli nodded.

“What do we do with this Do you want to deal with it secretly or let Xiaoya know”

“I must tell her.

There should already be a few people who are telling her things that are not nice.

Its a matter of time before she knows.

I cant hide this,” said Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoli nodded, then the two went in together.

When Lu Man saw that Han Zhuolings and Han Zhuolis expressions were not great as they came in, she asked Han Zhuoli softly, “Why What happened”

Han Zhuoli did not speak a word.

He took out his phone secretly, searched for that news, and showed it Lu Man.

Lu Man saw it and immediately controlled her expression.

Han Zhuoli did not say anything as he did not want to let the elders know.

Han Zhuoling was also showing it to Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya lowered her head to hide her expression.

Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling both felt that the person was targetting Han Zhuoling.

Shi Xiaoya did not have any enemies but had competitors.

Before she got together with Han Zhuoling, she had had many competitors.

But nobody had tried to mudsling her.

Only after she had gotten together with Han Zhuoling did this kind of situation occur.

Shi Xiaoya did not want to let the elders know as she did not want them to be worried.

Luckily, they were not people who were always online.

At most, they would use WeChat to talk to people and to check push notifications of WeChat official accounts.

The most important reason was that she did not want to let her parents and Shi Nancang think that she got involved because of Han Zhuoling, causing them to dislike him.

However, even when they tried to hide it, the reactions of the four were still caught by other people.

Lin Liye asked worriedly, “Did something happen”

Han Zhuoli smiled.

“Its business.”

“Is it serious” asked Du Yiqin.

“Is it urgent If not, they wont have called you at this time.”

Today was Friday, and it was the same as a holiday at this time.

Tomorrow was the weekend when everyone rested.

But Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling did not actually have holidays.

Whenever something came up, they had to deal with it immediately.

However, if the matter was not urgent, people would not call them at this time to disturb their holiday.

It would not be too late to deal with it when they went back to work.

Calling them while they were resting showed that the matter was urgent.

Besides, the two had received a call at the same time, so everyone could guess that it was about the same thing.

Han Zhuoli knew that this should be dealt with as soon as possible.

If they were a bit slower, they would fall behind, giving the opponent more opportunities to strike.

So, when he heard Du Yiqins questions, Han Zhuoli said, “It is a little tricky.”

Du Yiqin said immediately, “Then you all should hurry up and deal with it.”

Today, the Han Family had invited the Shi family, so it was difficult for the Han Family to say this.

The Han Family was the one who had invited them, so they could not just send them away.

So only Du Yiqin was the most suitable one to say this..

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