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Chapter 2714: Just Curious

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Lu Man was on Han Zhuolings main page and looked at the time he announced his marriage.

“This happened at night.

News like these would need preparation time; for example, purchasing trending searches and talking to those entertainment marketing accounts about publicity.

Or else, just with a small account, only a few netizens would see the news.

“To have such a widespread influence, it must have been planned beforehand.

The fastest possible time is one afternoon.

This means that the person had immediately made a move right after they saw the message that you two posted.

“Either its someone who depises one of you two or someone who is unhappy about your marriage,” said Lu Man.

Han Zhuoling had already guessed so.

Seeing that this was also Lu Mans guess, Han Zhuoling was more certain about his thought.

Han Zhuoling scowled.

He still remembered the car accident yesterday, and he had not made Lian Qingyin pay for it yet.

Lian Qingyin was pretty bold to make a move today.

If today was indeed caused by Lian Qingyin…

There was no evidence.

However, Han Zhuoling thought that there was a 90% chance that it was Lian Qingyin.

Han Zhuoling did not really think that it could be any business competitors.

After all, there were always numerous business competitors; if they really wanted to slander him, they would have done so earlier.

Nobody had done it because nobody dared to challenge him.

Shi Xiaoya also thought the same thing.

In that case, it could only be someone who was unhappy about their marriage.

As for who was unhappy about their marriage, until now, Han Zhuoling could only think of one person.

At this moment, noises came from Shi Xiaoyas WeChat.

“Ding ding!” It sounded continuously.

Shi Xiaoya thought that it was Guo Yujie who texted her after seeing the news.

When she opened it, it was indeed Guo Yujie, but Guo Yujie had never rushed her before.

She would send a message to ask if anything came up and would wait for a reply.

She would not keep asking again and again.

At the same time, notifications kept coming from her Jixia Academys class group.

It had already been a long time since someone talked in this group.

Those who were close to each other probably opened their own groups.

They only talked in their own small groups.

Only during New Year would they send their greetings to the group.

Because it had been such a long time since it sounded, Shi Xiaoya had forgotten to turn on Do Not Disturb for this group.

And now, this group was bustling with noise.

Shi Xiaoya tapped the group and saw that the rare time that the group was so lively, it was because they were discussing her issue.

Someone had even tagged her.

She saw that it was Luo Qingxian who had tagged her.

“@Shi Xiaoya, are the news online true”

To ensure that it was convenient to recognize each other, everyone in the group did not use their online names but set their own names as their group nicknames.

“Luo Qingxian, why did you tag Shi Xiaoya” someone said.

Luo Qingxian said, “Youre all talking so enthusiastically; arent you all just curious If youre curious, then might as well call the person out to ask.

The person is in the group anyway.

Do you think that she wont be able to see your discussions if you dont tag her”

Everyone probably thought that Luo Qingxian made sense, so they all stopped talking and all agreed silently.

At this moment, there was someone whom Shi Xiaoya could not remember even after seeing her name.

She was called Lu Youlin..

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