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Chapter 2717: You All Believe It When They Say Something

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But they would have eventually met.

Because after that, there was still the shooting of the show Survivor.

Han Zhuoling thought of this too, and he showed his first smile after tonights incident.

So he and Shi Xiaoya were destined.

They would have eventually met, and it did not matter when.

It was during Survivor that the two confirmed their feelings.

Lu Man nodded and started to compile what she wanted to say.

Then, she posted it online.

“I am Xiaoyas friend.

Xiaoya met my big brother for the first time because of me.

Before Big Brother returned to the country, I have already known Xiaoya.

Then, not long after Big Brother returned, he divorced Xia Yixin.

Our big brothers reputation of being a workaholic was not all talk.

In the few months after he returned, he had to work after discovering Xia Yixins betrayal.

Do you all think that he had time to meet other women

“The first time they met was during the Fei Yue International Film Festival.

Xiaoya met my big brother when she was doing my makeup.

During that time, Zhuoli and Big Brother came backstage to see me.

That was the first time that they met.

But after that time, the two did not contact each other.

They really got to know each other only when the shooting of Survivor started.

“As such, my big brother has never cheated,” said Lu Man.

“The account that broke the news did not spread this news during other times but on the day my big brother and Xiaoya got their marriage certificates.

They made the announcement at noon, and this rumor appeared by night online.

It can be seen that the account that broke the news or the mastermind could not bear to watch my big brother and Xiaoya get married, so they tried to cause harm.”

Lu Man thought for a while and added another sentence.

“Someone got anxious when they saw that my big brother got married with Xiaoya.”

Lu Man posted it and said to Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, “Alright, you can post now.

Theres no need to write a long message.

I already said everything that needs to be said.

You can each post one message and can also share my message.

But its better to share mine, because mine consists of an explanation.

If you share it, then more people can see it.

“Big Brother, you can just appeal to the law.

Xiaoya, you can just say something, but your tone must be strong,” said Lu Man.

Han Zhuoling shared Lu Mans post and said, “We can vaguely guess who is accusing me and Xiaoya.

After I have investigated, wait for my lawyers letter.

Shi Xiaoya also followed Han Zhuoling, sharing Han Zhuolings and Lu Mans posts.

“Getting my marriage certificate today was supposed to be joyful news, but I did not expect that I would be slandered by this rumor.

Zhuoling and I have always been open and honest from the moment we met until we fell in love; we have never done anything that was shameful.

To the person who does not see our marriage in good light, even if you slander me, Zhuoling will never divorce me to marry you.”

Han Zhuoling was just guessing.

But Shi Xiaoya directly pointed her finger towards someone.

Although the two did not say who it was…

It was enough for netizens to join in on the fun.

“What does she mean It means that someone couldnt bear to see Shi Xiaoya marry Han Zhuoling and was jealous, so she tried to cause harm”

“Its very possible.

After all, Han Zhuoling is very sought-after.

There are certainly many people who like him.

There will always be the few extreme ones who wont give up even when they cant get something.”

“You all believe it when they say something Have you all already forgotten about the rumor that Han Zhuoling cheated with Shi Xiaoya”

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