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Chapter 2718: Undisclosed Tidbits

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“The person above, that was just someone saying it as well.

You believe a small account that did not even dare to disclose their real name, but you wont believe it when Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya came forward to talk”

“Yeah, I dont believe it.

Celebrity rumors are always denied by the celebrities, but in the end, they could not be denied.

Them coming forward to deny it means nothing.”

Lu Man saw those comments and sent another message.

“That account was just making empty statements; is there any evidence If there is, then its solid.

People believe empty statements but not statements made by the people involved Then I wonder whether those who dont believe it are ghostwriters.”

Lu Man said to Shi Xiaoya, “Xiaoya, is the workgroup for Survivor still there”

“Its still up.” Shi Xiaoya nodded.

“We didnt dissolve the group because we still need to prepare for the second season.”

“Add me in.

Let me discuss with Director Lu and the crew of Survivor, see if they can help you deny the rumor,” said Lu Man.

“Let me tell them.” Shi Xiaoya smiled.

“This is my matter after all.

I should do it myself.

How can I let you go in front of me”

So, Shi Xiaoya contacted Lu Dongliu and Chi Xingrui privately.

She expressed her intention to Lu Dongliu and Chi Xingrui, asking whether they could appear and make a statement.

“No problem,” both of them agreed in a straightforward manner.

“I wanted to come forward and speak for you, but I didnt know whether its suitable, so I was going to ask Lu Man,” said Lu Dongliu.

Shi Xiaoya thanked him.

Lu Dongliu asked, “Oh right, is Lu Man with you now”

He saw that Lu Man, Han Zhuoling, and Shi Xiaoya had all appeared one after another.

The three of them were probably together discussing matters after this news broke out.

“Yes,” said Shi Xiaoya.

Lu Dongliu said, “Then its just right.

Ask Lu Man about the tidbits that we have shot with you and Young Master Ling during season one.

You two werent that close that time, right So we can see the relationship of the two of you from the tidbits, knowing that you two werent together at the time.

Ask Lu Man whether she wants to post this.”

Shi Xiaoya was surprised.

This would definitely help, so she asked Lu Man.

Lu Man nodded immediately.

“Of course.

If we can have this, then its the best.”

After Lu Dongliu received her reply, he sent someone immediately to get the tidbits of season one.

This was easy to find because every tidbit of season one was saved individually.

There were the VIP version, which was released after editing, and the original version of the tidbit.

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Besides, there were also tidbits of every guest alone.

Because every guest had their own fans who only liked to see their own idols and not others, every guest had their own tidbits.

Han Zhuolings was also cut out.

That was something that was easy to do.

It would be a waste of time to arrange and skip his part.

So he cut out Han Zhuolings part as well.

But because Han Zhuolings identity was special, without his permission, his tidbits were not shown.

Now that they needed it, there was one already done, and they did not need to cut anything else.

Lu Dongliu was happy that he did this out of convenience during the final cuts.

Because of that, he could get it out in such a short time.

Before Lu Dongliu posted it, he sent the video to Lu Man..

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