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Chapter 2720: Is There a Need to Pretend

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“No matter what, we trust that Xiaoya has good character.

She is a girl we have liked for many years.

She will not disappoint us.

For those who believe in this news, you always wanted evidence whenever good news about Xiaoya came out.

Yet the people who reported that ugly news never gave any evidence.”

“Indeed, you trusted it even when there was no evidence.

Whenever we tried to explain, you demanded evidence from us.

You all thought that it was unreasonable of us to be siding with Young Master Ling and Xiaoya.

However, we do have evidence now.

The outtake clearly showed that Xiaoya and Young Master Ling were not familiar with each other.”

Yet some netizens replied: “Who knows if they were just acting”

“Please,” some fans of Han Zhuoling commented back.

“Its an outtake.

Why would they pretend when it would obviously not be included in the final product Since its something that happened privately, why would they pretend”

No one expected that there would be an observant netizen with a neutral point of view.

“Watch the tidbits.

Cant you tell by observing Han Zhuolings responses to Shi Xiaoya were the exact words that Han Zhuoling said to the camera in the first season of the show.

If you dont believe me, you can watch the first season.”

Someone from the production team of the variety show caught the chance and replied to this netizen, “Yes.

Because Young Master Ling is such a laconic person, he barely spoke during the recording of the show.

Fortunately, Xiaoya, who was not being recorded, spoke to him and saved us from the awkward silence.

If not, we would have edited out almost all the scenes with him in it.”

Some netizen immediately responded to that staff member, “Hahahaha, even so, there are barely any scenes of him.

Young Master Ling is too aloof.”

“Did you all realize that there were more scenes of Young Master Ling in the episode when Xiaoya was also a guest on the show It was as though Young Master Ling became a different person.

Even though he still appeared cold, he revealed his potential to be charismatic.

Even when he was not talking, he didnt seem cold anymore.”

Unknowingly, the conversation strayed off-topic.

They started talking about Han Zhuolings behavior in Survivor.


Because of this conversation, I want to rewatch Survivor.

Although it hurts to watch people showing off their romance, I still cant stop myself from watching it.”

And the conversation continued straying off-topic.

The growth of the negative impacts brought by that news temporally stopped.

Obviously, the account that posted the news or also known as the person who planned this was displeased.

However, they did not have any evidence.

This was all they said: “Lu Mans public relations team handled this crisis well and easily shifted the focus away.

Did you all forget the reason why this was posted This is a woman who seduced a married man.

Yet you described her as innocent and cute Sure, she istoo cute and innocent. Maybe it is hercuteness and innocence that attracted Han Zhuoling.” Of course, their last sentence was sarcastic.

Lu Man did not respond with her official account.

She used an alternate account and reshared this post, which stated, “Then give us evidence.

Dont give only words.

We will only believe you if we see evidence.

If you are only talking and not providing any evidence, we then have reasons to suspect that you are just hopping on the bandwagon and trying to be famous.”

At this moment, Han Zhuoling got a call from Wei Wucai.

“We found the owner of that account,” Wei Wucai said.

“We tracked the owner through the internet cable.”

Han Zhuoling was speechless.


It was a metaphor, yet Han Zhuoling couldnt believe that he had understood it right away..

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