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Chapter 2747: Prepare Yourself

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The Rapid Seven included the seven popular rides in the theme park.

Shi Xiaoya took a glance and thought that two and four rides were too few.

There were still a few more things that she wanted to try which were not included inside.

The seven rides package included everything.

So she bought two tickets and two fast passes for the seven rides.

Even on weekdays, the theme park was full of tourists.

Today was Saturday, and there were even more people in the theme park.

However, it was the first time Shi Xiaoya came and she was so excited that her excitement could not be extinguished by the sea of people in the theme park.

Actually, this theme park was more catered to adults.

There were areas that were suitable for children to play in.

But most rides were pretty extreme.

As he watched the roller coaster fly by in front of him, he thought to himself that, luckily, he wore casual clothes today.

Shi Xiaoya was curious whether Han Zhuolings expression would still be the same if he sat on that roller coaster.

She checked the rides on the fast pass and, coincidentally, this was one of them.

She immediately dragged Han Zhuoling to the entrance.

“Lets go for this one first, okay As a warm up.”

Han Zhuoling looked up at the criss-cross track.


“Lets go.” Han Zhuoling held Shi Xiaoyas hand.

Shi Xiaoya asked, “Have you not tried these before”

“Nope,” said Han Zhuoling.

“I havent even passed by the entrance of a theme park before.”

“I used to be afraid of this type, but after sitting on the cableway at Tianmen Mountain, I am no longer afraid of these,” said Shi Xiaoya, smiling.

“It was terrifying when I saw the cableway to the mountaintop.

The route was really high up and long.

Outside were pillars of mountains, tons of them.

However, after getting used to it, I was fine when I sat the cableway down.

And after that, I dare to ride roller coasters and other stuff.”

“I have never tried all of these before.” Han Zhuoling frowned slightly.

“So Im not sure whether I am scared.”

“As expected.

You dont look like someone who has been to a theme park before,” said Shi Xiaoya.

Because of the fast pass, they were in a much faster queue than the normal queue beside them, although they still had to queue up for around ten minutes.

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Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling sat down.

Shi Xiaoya still felt a little nervous when she sat down.

Upon hearing the reminder that they were about to set out, Shi Xiaoya grabbed the handle tightly.

During the whole process, Shi Xiaoya was screaming at the top of her lungs with her eyes opened.

When they stopped, Shi Xiaoya felt conflicted; she felt nervous as if she had had a close brush with death, and that feeling was still lingering.

But at the same time, she felt free.

She could scream carelessly like just now; it was a way of venting, which she did not have many chances to do.

When she had just gotten down, Shi Xiaoyas legs were still a little shaky.

She almost fell when she went down the stairs.

Luckily, Han Zhuoling was right beside her and held her.

Shi Xiaoya turned around and saw that Han Zhuolings expression was still the same.

Surprised, she asked, “You dont have any reaction at all Youre not scared”

She remembered that she did not hear Han Zhuoling scream as well.

Han Zhuoling thought that even if he was really scared, he could not scream as he needed to maintain his strong image in front of his wife.

“Its okay.” Han Zhuolings face was calm.

Only he himself knew that at the climax, he still tensed up.

“Anyway, prepare yourself,” said Han Zhuoling..

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