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Chapter 2755: Im Worried That If I Put You Down, Your Legs Will Shake

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Another girl saw that and said to her own boyfriend, “Look at them! The girl is in her boyfriends arms the whole time and has never been scared.”

Her boyfriend said, “Youre so scared; I told you not to come in.

Youre scared but you still wanted to enter.”

The boyfriend in the other pair who had complained that his girlfriend was heavy said, “Dear, can you come down and walk by yourself I cant carry you any longer.”

Shi Xiaoya heard these and was embarrassed, so she whispered to Han Zhuoling, “You can put me down.

Youve already carried me for so long.”

She was also worried that Han Zhuoling would not be able to carry her any longer.

However, though Han Zhuoling had been carrying Shi Xiaoya the whole time, his expression did not change; he was not even panting.

His breathing was very steady.

“Not scared” asked Han Zhuoling.

“Im afraid that youll get too tired,” said Shi Xiaoya softly.

“Then let me continue carrying you.

Im worried that if I put you down, your legs will shake,” said Han Zhuoling.

Seeing that even his breathing did not change when he talked, Shi Xiaoya did not request to walk by herself.

She felt safer being carried by Han Zhuoling anyway.

As they were walking, the corridor that was originally pitch black suddenly had the lamp above it start flickering.

It was as though it was not connected properly.

It even produced the sound of an electric current.

“What happened Young lady, dont scare us!” said one of the four boys.

Before being scared to death by the workers acting as ghosts, they had already been scared to death by the young ladies.

“I… I think I just saw a figure flashing by.” The girl even started crying.

“Its a red figure.”

Another girl had completely broken down in fear; there was no use even if the boyfriend was here.

“Ahh! I dont want to stay here anymore.

I want to get out! I want to get out!”

As she spoke, she started crying.

She was the one whose boyfriend had complained, saying that if she was scared, she shouldnt have still wanted to enter.

Shi Xiaoya was still fine as she was being carried by Han Zhuoling the whole time.

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Although she seemed like a good-for-nothing, at least she had a sense of security!

Just as the girl was crying, a Baby Ghost Hanako appeared in front of Han Zhuoling.

It did not look like a real person.

After all, they would not ask kids to work here.

However, in this pitch-black corridor, with the flickering lights above and the sound of the electric current…

People would already be terrified and would not try to see if it was real or fake.

The light shone on the Baby Ghosts face from time to time.

Han Zhuoling let out a sigh of relief.

Luckily, Shi Xiaoyas back was facing it and she could not see.

But Han Zhuoling had guessed correctly; that Baby Ghost was only a prop.

They used the effects of light and shadow to create a spooky atmosphere.

It was gone in a flash.

There was nobody in the corridor.

“Do… do we still continue to go forward” asked a girl, horrified.

“Its like were going in circles.

Why cant we find the stairs”

Seeing that they were all scared to death, Han Zhuoling explained, “The zombie in the elevator has already come out, meaning the scary part of the elevator is already over.

We can just go and use the elevator to go downstairs.

Or else, if we open the doors one by one, who knows what else is inside”

Han Zhuoling thought that this scary hospital had been built with a lot of effort.

However, they could not scare their customers too much.

So they would not cross the line.

One ghost for one level would be enough.

“How are you so sure that they wont send someone else to hide in the elevator Maybe they want to force us to find the stairs,” someone asked.

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