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Chapter 2759: Best Husband Ever

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That girl also replied, “You cant look at their interactions; after looking at them, you would want to break up.”

“So jealous!” a netizen said after seeing this.

“Are there any pictures I want to see!”


We didnt know it was them at first, and we also put away our bags and phones before going in.

You cant take pictures inside, so even if we knew it was them, we couldnt have taken pictures.”

“Now that I think about it, that scene was so sweet.

Young Master Ling carried Xiaoya the whole way without letting go.

He really carried her like he was carrying a child, the kind in which Xiaoya had both her feet off the ground.

And we didnt hear Young Master Ling say hes tired.

When we came out, his expression was still the same; he wasnt tired at all.

Best husband ever.”

Shi Xiaoya did not continue looking.

Anyway, her own husband was really good at everything.

As the sky dimmed, Han Zhuoling looked at the time; it was almost time to leave.

Or else, they would not reach the reserved restaurant in time.

So he told this to Shi Xiaoya.

Anyway, Shi Xiaoya had had her fun already, so she left with Han Zhuoling to go to the restaurant that he had reserved.

Shi Xiaoya had never been to this French restaurant that Han Zhuoling had reserved.

After all, it was most suitable to go to such a romantic place with a boyfriend.

But after getting together with Han Zhuoling, she still did not go.

It was because she did not have thoughts about such a romantic place.

Usually, they ate Chinese food or snacks, ones that were very down to earth.

In addition, the two were always busy with work.

Cuisines like the French cuisine, which required a long time to eat, were not their first choice.

They had time today, and Han Zhuoling had even emptied out his schedule.

So they came to have a taste.

Shi Xiaoya did not have a great desire for it.

She just followed Han Zhuoling.

The atmosphere in the French restaurant was superb.

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When the two arrived, they were led to their reserved seats by the waiter.

The seats Han Zhuoling had reserved were amazing.

The French restaurant was on the rooftop of a building.

The restaurant was surrounded by five glass walls.

It was five because, other than the four walls, even the ceiling was glass.

On the rooftop, surrounding the restaurant were a garden and even a fountain.

Sitting by the glass wall, not only could one see the garden outside, but because this building was one of the famous, tall buildings in B City, the spectacular night view of B City could also be seen.

Although the whole B City could not be seen, at least half was visible.

So the seats by the glass walls were always very popular.

Especially during the summer, which was the most suitable season.

The taste was authentic.

The chef was from France, and the taste was not modified to suit the taste of the locals.

No matter whether people were used to the taste or not, most did not have the chance to head to France to experience an authentic French meal.

It was a rare chance to taste an authentic French meal without putting in so much effort and leaving the country.

Their country was already a haven of food with one of the worlds three major cuisines.

The citizens were gourmets, trained since they were young.

Naturally, they would want to try the other two of the three major cuisines.

So they did not care if it suited their taste.

Perhaps it was because they were curious, or perhaps the atmosphere of the restaurant made it a perfect dating spot for couples.

So even if the taste did not suit them, the restaurant was always full, never lacking any customers.

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