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Chapter 2765: String Along

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Listening to her even breathing, Han Zhuoling also wanted to sleep.

He did so until midnight came, and the phone beside his pillow vibrated.

Han Zhuoling remembered the matter at midnight, so when the phone vibrated, he woke up immediately.

He had purposely switched to vibrating mode so that Shi Xiaoya would not be woken up.

Han Zhuoling could not care about picking up the phone; he looked at Shi Xiaoya first.

She was really tired.

She had walked in the theme park for a whole afternoon and was even tortured for a long time at night.

She was sleeping like a log.

Han Zhuolings left arm was being pressed down on by her neck.

He arched his right arm and squeezed his hand under her head.

He lifted her head slightly.

He did not dare to move a lot as he was afraid that she would wake up.

He lifted it to the height at which he could pull out his arm.

He pulled out his arm quickly and placed her head on the pillow carefully.

After doing all these, he did not rush to leave.

He made sure that Shi Xiaoya was still sleeping, and only then did he take his phone and exit the room.

Just as he thought, it was from Tong Chunian.

Han Zhuoling picked up.

“Its done”


We have leaked the news to Black Market,” said Tong Chunian.

They sent the news through Wei Wucais methods.

After all, Black Market was not an entity that was easy to deal with.

They would not just simply believe everything.

Even if what had been sent over was true, they would still check why this news had been sent to them.

Why were they told this

Black Market was not willing to be used.

So Wei Wucai gave the news to Black Market through the Mount Lan Compound without them suspecting.

They would think that they had found out themselves.

So, regarding this method, no matter how good Black Market was, they could not fight with the Mount Lan Compound.

If the Mount Lan Compound did not want to let them know or find out, Black Market would have no way of doing that.

Whatever the Mount Lan Compound wanted Black Market to believe, Black Market would believe it, and they would not have the feeling of being strung along by the Mount Lan Compound.

“Then lets give Black Market some preparation time,” said Han Zhuoling.

“Lets release Lian Qingyin tomorrow.”

Lian Qingyin had just accepted the investigation, but she did not know about the evidence that the police had.

“Whats a suitable time tomorrow” asked Tong Chunian.

Han Zhuoling gave it a thought.

“Lets make it five oclock.”

“Alright.” Tong Chunian recorded it down.

After hanging up, Han Zhuoling returned to Shi Xiaoya carefully.

Without him, Shi Xiaoya could not sleep peacefully.

The moment he lay down, Shi Xiaoya rolled back to his embrace out of habit.

She was like a magnet meeting an iron, being attracted automatically.

“Where did you go” asked Shi Xiaoya sleepily.

“Why are you awake” asked Han Zhuoling softly as he kissed her eye.

“When youre gone, I cant sleep well,” Shi Xiaoya mumbled.

Whenever Han Zhuoling was gone, she would not sleep well.

Now that Han Zhuoling was back, the moment she entered his embrace, Shi Xiaoya wanted to sleep.

Han Zhuoling could not help but smile and kiss her eye.

“Then what do you do when Im away on a business trip Do you not sleep at night”

Shi Xiaoya pondered it sleepily.

It was not that serious before, actually.

It probably only started after they got their marriage certificates.

They had been stuck to each other these two days.

After they became husband and wife officially, it felt different.

She already heavily relied on him since the start..

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