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During that time, having a black and white television in the country was something to brag about.

There were no color televisions.

When a movie was shown on the television, all the neigbors would gather at the house of the person who had a black and white television.

The queue could go from the room where the television was located to the outside of the house.

Even if they could not hear anything, seeing the scenes through the window was already very good.

Of course, the one that the Han Family had was not a black and white television.

Even though they were not yet being sold in the country, color televisions were already available in others.

So they had bought it from overseas.

The screen was also slightly bigger.

However, due to the limitations of the television stations in the country, there were not many programs to be watched.

When Old Mrs.

Han was pregnant, she had nothing to do.

She listened to music through the television and watched folk art programs like crosstalk.

She also watched old movies.

As she watched, she would fall asleep without knowing that the television was still on.

It was boring just watching the television; Old Mrs.

Han would also draw sometimes.

From sketching to painting to ink painting, Old Mrs.

Han knew them all.

“When I was three months pregnant, your grandfather did not let me go out, making me play at home.

But what was so fun back then We couldnt surf the web, and there was nothing nice to watch on the TV.

I could only draw.”

Old Mrs.

Han shook her head and clicked her tongue.

“In the end, I would only draw for a while before falling asleep on the table.

When I woke up, I would already be in bed.

When I remembered that I was drawing before I fell asleep, I would go to take a look at my drawing.

After I slept, I really couldnt remember much.

“And when I went to take a look, there was only a dot of ink on the paper.

There was no drawing at all.” Old Mrs.

Han said this as though it was a joke.

She knew that Han Zhuoli was inexperienced, and if Lu Man was not acting normally, Han Zhuoli would tense up.

She also knew that it was probably because Lu Mans coma had traumatized Han Zhuoli.

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It was already in the past.

But no matter how long it had been, Han Zhuoli could not be at ease.

He was afraid that there would be a sequel, so he was extra anxious.

So, Old Mrs.

Han spoke of her own experience as a joke to Han Zhuoli.

After Han Zhuoli heard this, he felt more at ease.

Old Mrs.

Han said, “Dont let Man Man sleep like this.

You have a room in this house anyway.

Carry her into the room and let her sleep there.”

Han Zhuoli agreed before carrying Lu Man horizontally and going to their bedroom.

The family home had always kept the bedrooms of the three grandchildren.

Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling had formed their own families.

So those bedrooms were now for them and for their wives.

There would be enough rooms when they came over, or even when they stayed up to see the new year in.

However, Old Mrs.

Han did not expect that no one would return when she asked Han Zhuoli to carry Lu Man in to rest.

Old Mrs.

Hans intention was to ask Han Zhuoli to put Lu Man down and return to continue the conversation.

Old Mrs.

Han did not say this because she felt that it was common sense to carry Lu Man to let her sleep and come back to continue the conversation by himself.

There was no need to give instructions for such a simple task.

Who would go and just sleep together with the wife

Unexpectedly, even after a while, Han Zhuoli never returned.

Old Mrs..

Han was speechless.

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