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When Han Zhuoli dragged Lu Man to sleep, it was only nine-something.

However, from last night until today, Lu Man had stayed up with Han Zhuoli and had not been sleeping properly, so she was really tired.

Thus, after lying on the pillow for only a while, she fell asleep.

After having Han Zhuolis assurance, Lu Man would not wake up halfway.

She would just look at the results tomorrow morning.

Besides, she trusted Han Zhuoli.

Since he had promised this to her, she believed that he could do it.

It was not perfunctory.

So Lu Man slept peacefully this time.

Han Zhuoli was still worried, but since he had made a promise to Lu Man, he tried his best to fall asleep so he could let Lu Man see an energetic him tomorrow morning.

Perhaps because he kept repeating to himself that he must not wake up before he slept…

As a person with self-discipline, Han Zhuoli really did not wake up.

It had been so long since Han Zhuoli had slept through the night and had such a good sleep.

So the next day, when Lu Man woke up in the morning, she saw Han Zhuoli full of energy; it was as though he had gotten younger.

“Dont move,” said Lu Man.

Upon hearing that, Han Zhuoli really did not move an inch.

Lu Man held Han Zhuolis face in her hands and slowly inched in.

Han Zhuoli thought, because they had not been intimate in so long, did Lu Man want to do it

Thinking so, he naturally closed his eyes.

It was rare that Lu Man would take the initiative, so he waited for Lu Man to kiss him.

“…” Lu Mans eyes twitched a few times.

“Open your eyes.

Let me check if they are still red.”

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Han Zhuoli did not say a word.

She did not want to kiss him.

Han Zhuoli was disappointed, and he opened his eyes with his face full of grievance.

What kind of expression was that

But Lu Man was happy to see that his eyes were no longer red.

It seemed like he really slept well last night and did not wake up.

As if thinking he had done something good so he was waiting for praise, Han Zhuoli said, full of pride, “Look, I was obedient and really slept last night.”

Lu Man could not stop herself from laughing.

“Such a good boy.”

As she said this, she leaned in and kissed him.

After receiving Lu Mans kiss, Han Zhuoli was finally satisfied.

Then he heard Lu Man say, “From now on, you have to continue like this.

Dont make me worry anymore.”

“Ill listen to you,” said Han Zhuoli.

She had agreed to follow him to the office.

So Lu Man hurriedly packed up.

After she ate breakfast with Han Zhuoli, they went out together.

It had been a long time since the employees of the Han Corporation had seen Lu Man.

When they saw that Lu Man and Han Zhuoli came to the office with their hands clasped, the affectionate sight made them jealous.

Who would have thought that Lu Man, who used to be an ordinary employee in the Public Relations Department, would become a celebrity and even Mrs.


People who wanted to marry into rich families, whether they were celebrities or daughters of rich people, their life would not necessarily be so well-rounded.

The daugthers of the rich all depended on arranged marriages.

Their ages might be similar, but the looks might not be good enough.

After all, there were not many people like Han Zhuoli, who looked even better than celebrities.

If they could meet someone through an arranged marriage who were not ugly and who had decent features, even if he looked ordinary, as long as he was able to pass, they would be lucky.

As for celebrities, they did not have much of a choice.

Those who married into rich families, how many of them really married someone tall and handsome

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