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Chapter 2786: Acquired the Evidence

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“Thats not bothersome at all.

Its still in your office.

Its not like I cant move a single step,” said Lu Man, smiling.

Seeing that Lu Man really liked it, Han Zhuoli was relieved.

“Go to work.

I am here so that you can work with peace of mind.

If I am holding you back, then I am going to go home,” said Lu Man.

Its true that Han Zhuoli thought that at home, there were Auntie He and Butler Xiao Wang, and their home was spacious.

Lu Man would also be more comfortable there.

However, it would never make him rest assured more than having her under his own watch.

So when Lu Man said this, he immediately hurried off to work.

Lu Man kept the door open, unwilling to be alone in the small room; she would feel opressed that way.

But when someone came to talk about serious matters, she would close the door.

It was to prevent others from being curious and looking inside.

Lu Man did not need to do anything in the bedroom.

She enjoyed herself by eating, drinking, and playing.

As she was pregnant, she ate whatever she wanted to eat.

She did not cheat herself.

She did not need to worry about her figure and control herself.

Her stomach would eventually increase in size anyway.

So Lu Man did not have any stress when she was eating.

Just as she was watching a replay of a variety show, Lu Mans phone rang.

Lu Man took a look.

It was Jiang Yujie.

As Jiang Yujie was afraid that Lu Qiyuan would find out if she contacted Lu Man too often, she was very careful and would not contact Lu Man unless there was something important.

Usually, it was because Lu Qiyuan had thought of a plan, wanting to obtain something from Lu Man and give her trouble.

Jiang Yujie would tell Lu Man in advance.

Lu Man would be able to prepare earlier, so Lu Qiyuan had never succeeded once.

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So when she saw it was Jiang Yujie, Lu Man did not delay and immediately picked up.

“Lu Man.” Jiang Yujies voice sounded extra tense and was even a little shaky.

Lu Man was shocked, afraid that an accident had happened to Jiang Yujie and she got caught by Lu Qiyuan.

Lu Man said hurriedly, “Where are you What happened Dont worry, I will get someone to find you immediately.”

Jiang Yujie let out a short laugh, saying, “Dont worry, I am not in danger.

Its just that… I have acquired the evidence!

“I am just excited.

Finally… finally I have the evidence!” said Jiang Yujie, her voice shaky as though she was crying and laughing at the same time.

But when Lu Man heard this, she could understand why Jiang Yujie was like this.

Jiang Yujie bore the burden of being with Lu Qiyuan and being committed to him for so long just to acquire the evidence that Lu Qiyuan had framed her older brother.

She had to endure the disgust and be committed to a disgusting man like Lu Qiyuan, the same man who had framed her older brother.

Whenever Jiang Yujie was facing Lu Qiyuan, it was hard to stop herself from vomitting.

Facing Lu Qiyuan every day was torture for her every second.

Finally, she had the evidence that could save her own older brother, thus bringing Lu Qiyuan to justice.

Her wish could finally be fulfilled.

Her older brother could be rescued, and she would not need to torture herself anymore.

How could she not be excited

“I have been hiding in a cafe,” said Jiang Yujie.

“Although… although I have the evidence, I dont know what to do next, who to submit the evidence to, so I want your help.”

“Of course,” said Lu Man immediately.

“Come to the Han Corporation, I am here.

Zhuoli is also here.

Leave the rest to us..

At the Han Corporation, you dont need to be afraid of Lu Qiyuan.”

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