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Chapter 2787: Stop Crying

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“Okay.” Jiang Yujie nodded.

“I will go there immediately.”

“Lu Qiyuan did not find out, right” asked Lu Man.

“No, I only made a backup copy; I dont dare to bring out the original document.

Dont worry, he doesnt know,” said Jiang Yujie.


No matter what, take care of your own safety first,” said Lu Man.

After hanging up, Lu Man went out immediately to let Han Zhuoli know about this.

Han Zhuoli nodded.

“I will ask Zheng Tianming to wait for her at the entrance.”

Although there was still some time before Jiang Yujie would arrive, Zheng Tianming immediately went downstairs to wait at the entrance of the Han Corporation.

Jiang Yujie hung up.

Her face was covered in tears.

After acquiring this evidence, she wanted to cry her heart out.

But she knew that it was not the time for that.

She just wanted to deal with this thing quickly.

So she held in the surge in her heart and had contacted Lu Man first.

But as she was speaking, she could not help but cry silently.

Her crying had made her stand out in the cafe.

From the waiters to the customers, they were all glancing at her secretly.

However, she did not care.

Jiang Yujie took her car keys and went out before driving to the Han Corporation rapidly.

Although Lu Qiyuan had not found out, she still had to be careful.

She felt relieved only when she was at the entrance of the Han Corporation.

“Miss Jiang,” greeted Zheng Tianming when he saw her.

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Jiang Yujie froze.

Zheng Tianming said, “I am Young Master Hans assistant, Zheng Tianming.

Young Master Han has asked me to come and pick you up.”

“Thank… thank you…” Jiang Yujie nodded.

She entered the Han Corporation with Zheng Tianming.

The moment she stepped through that door, Jiang Yujie relaxed.

The tears, which she had held in while she was driving, not daring to cry, all poured out.

Zheng Tianming also knew a few things about Jiang Yujie.

When Lu Man asked Han Zhuoli for help, Han Zhuoli got Zheng Tianming to investigate.

Now, seeing that Jiang Yujie was crying waterfalls, Zheng Tianming was panicking and did not know what to do.

There were still people coming in and out in the lobby.

Those who did not know would think that he had disappointed Jiang Yujie.

Those who were even dumber would think that Jiang Yujie and Han Zhuoli had something behind Lu Mans back, and now she came over.

Zheng Tianming persuaded her immediately.

“Miss Jiang, stop… stop crying, you are already safe.”

But after he said this, Jiang Yujie cried even more.

“S… sorry.” Jiang Yujie cried while wiping away the tears on her face.

She had not put on any makeup.

Her face was pale.

She was going to do something big.

Why would she have the time to put on makeup

As long as she could rescue her brother, she did not care about these unimportant matters.

So even if she cried, because she had no makeup on, her face would not have colorful smudges all over.

She knew that it was not appropriate to cry like this, but she had been by Lu Qiyuans side all this time.

She was hurt, but she did not care as she had chosen this path herself.

So now, she was not crying because she was hurt.

When she was by Lu Qiyuans side, she was more worried about not getting Lu Qiyuans full trust and not being able to acquire the evidence quickly.

She was also afraid that Lu Qiyuan would find out about her real intention.

And she would lose this only chance.

She lived in fear and caution every day.

There was not a single day on which she could relax.

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