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Chapter 2788: Tears of Joy

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She had always been tense.

For her to not break down until now, she was strong.

She could even see the light of victory now.

She had obtained the thing and did not need to face Lu Qiyuan again.

The tension that she had felt for so long finally disappeared; Jiang Yujie could not control herself.

She knew that it was not good to cry here, so she kept wiping away her tears.

However, it was as though the tears had thoughts of their own.

They just kept flowing out.

Jiang Yujies shoulders were also shaking.

Knowing why she was like this, Zheng Tianming could not say much.

He could only comfort her.

“Miss Jiang, youre alright now, youre safe now.

Just relax.”

Jiang Yujie nodded and cried.

“Sorry for bringing trouble.”

“Dont say that,” said Zheng Tianming as he brought Jiang Yujie into the elevator.

Lu Man also came out of the bedroom and waited in Han Zhuolis office.

After a short while, Zheng Tianming brought Jiang Yujie.

Although Jiang Yujie could not hold her tears in, she was trying her best to control them, stopping herself from making any noises.

She heard Zheng Tianmings voice outside.

“Miss Jiang, were here.”

Without waiting for Zheng Tianming to knock on the door, Lu Man opened it.

She saw Jiang Yujie crying outside.

Lu Man knew why Jiang Yujie was crying.

Those who experienced what she experienced, upon seeing that everything was going to be alright, who would not cry tears of joy

So, Lu Man was not worried that there would be rumors.

She was living her own life anyway.

As long as she knew whats what, it was fine; there was no need to care about other peoples opinions.

All this while, there had been many times people had talked bad and criticized her.

If she argued with them every time, she would make life difficult for herself.

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It was better to be a bigger person and live her own blessed life.

As long as her relationship with Han Zhuoli was fine, she did not care about other peoples opinions.

Jiang Yujie was weeping silently.

When she saw Lu Man, she could not hold it in anymore and cried out loud as she hugged Lu Man.

Jiang Yujie also thought about it.

She could not control her emotions and had already cried the whole way here.

That would make those who have dark thoughts think about it in a bad way.

So, there were also many people on this floor who were curious about what happened to her.

Jiang Yujie used this chance to hug Lu Man before she even entered the room.

This made people know that she was here for Lu Man and had nothing to do with Han Zhuoli and Zheng Tianming.

She could not make others create misunderstandings about Lu Man because of her.

Lu Man helped her, but if that created a bunch of rumors, that would not be good.

Zheng Tianming closed the door and blocked the glances.

She had already held it in for so long, so she was not in a rush.

Lu Man let Jiang Yujie hug her and cry.

Jiang Yujie was a young lady.

She had to bear this burden right after she graduated from university.

Besides, she hid it from her own family.

She did not have anyone to tell her troubles to.

Because she was afraid that Lu Qiyuan would find out, she could not even contact Lu Man, who was the only one she could contact, often.

She was tired and stressed, but there was nobody that she could talk to to release the stress and suffering in her heart.

She held it in by herself.

She kept holding it in.

She could finally see hope now and did not need to endure it anymore.

Lu Man understood very well why Jiang Yujie was crying like this.

At the same time, Lu Man pitied her.

She held Jiang Yujie and brought her to the couch..

She took a tissue box and placed it on Jiang Yujies lap.

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