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As Jiang Yujie was crying so hard, one or two pieces of tissue paper would not be enough at all.

One box… should be enough.

Han Zhuoli watched from the side and panicked.

He thought that because Lu Man was pregnant, being hugged by someone who was crying might affect her mood, which would not be good.

But he remembered what Jiang Yujie had experienced.

Han Zhuoli thought that if he said that, it would be inhuman.

Luckily, Jiang Yujie kept the serious matters in mind, so she did not cry for long.

She wiped her tears immediately and said, embarrassed, “Sorry, I cried like this the moment I got here.

I delayed talking about serious matters and also gave you all a hard time.”

Lu Man shook her head.

Zheng Tianming was very thoughtful and gave Jiang Yujie a cup of hot cocoa.

Although it was summer, Han Zhuolis office was cool.

When someone is having a hard time, drinking something sweet and warm would make them feel a lot better.

Jiang Yujie was shy.

Lu Man said, “Drink this first and calm down.

You have been trying hard and enduring for so long.

Delaying for a moment wont hurt.”

Jiang Yujie nodded.

After taking a few sips, she said, “I will go wash my face.”

She went to the toilet and washed her face.

After coming out, she sat next to Lu Man and took a deep breath.

She took a portable hard disk.

“Its all here.

I dont know who should I give this to.

Even if I report this, with my power alone, I cant fight against Lu Qiyuan.

I am afraid that he will suppress this because I am alone and weak.”

Just like back then, if Lu Qiyuan had not used certain means or had not had connections, could he have framed her older brother

Could Lu Qiyuans plot have been so perfect, without any flaws

The evidence had been looked over by Jiang Yujie when she was making a backup copy.

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There was no time, so she could only take a quick scan and could not look at it clearly.

But even then, she could find many flaws.

When Jiang Huaizhou was framed, could there really not be any flaws

So, Jiang Yujie understood that what happened back then was very fishy.

How many people were really involved

There was a part of it in the evidence that she found.

She was worried that there were some people who were not mentioned in the evidence that she obtained.

These people were still in their positions or were even promoted.

If she wanted to sue Lu Qiyuan, with her own power alone, without any connections, it would be pretty hard.

Lu Man said, “We have talked about this.

Give this to us and we will help you settle the rest.

We wont intervene in other matters, but we can promise you that this evidence will be submitted, and there will be a fair judgment for Lu Qiyuans case.”

“Thats enough.” Jiang Yujie nodded as her tears started dropping.

“Thats enough.”

She covered her face, and after crying for a while, she sniffed.

“Thank you, thank you.

I… I could never even wish for you to help me like this.

Having your help is my greatest blessing.

“I dont know how to thank you.

I feel that just thanking you in words is not enough to express the gratitude in my heart.

But I am a useless person, so I dont know what I can do for you.”

“Dont say that..

To me, its the least I can do,” said Lu Man.

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