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Chapter 2790: Was She Not Cursing Her

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However, Jiang Yujie knew that Lu Man made it sound simple.

How could it be so easy

It had been difficult for her to find the evidence, so it would also not be easy for Lu Man to submit the evidence and make Lu Qiyuan fall.

Lu Qiyuan would find people to help him.

Those people would be handled by Lu Man and Han Zhuoli.

A process like this was not easy.

Not to mention, Lu Qiyuan was Lu Mans blood-related father.

If Lu Man did not let anyone else know, it would be fine.

But for such a huge matter, how could she leave no tracks

If others learned that Lu Man plotted against even her own blood-related father, what would they say about her

The risk and stress that Lu Man would have to bear were not small.

And all of this was for an outsider like her.

Even when she was begging Lu Man for help, Lu Man was not close to her and had not even met her before.

Lu Man could have totally ignored her.

But Lu Man took the initiative to be involved and help her.

Just this was enough to make her remember Lu Mans kindness for her whole life.

Jiang Yujie sniffed, shook her head, and looked at Lu Man seriously.

“How can your helping cause no trouble for you I know that this involves a lot of other things and is also bothersome.

You helped me, who have no relationship with you at all.

I am lucky to meet you and have your help.

If not for you, even if I have the evidence, I still wont be able to rescue my older brother easily.”

Jiang Yujie did not worry about future matters.

With Lu Man and Han Zhuoli, she was not worried that it would not be successful.

“I wont say a lot of nice things.” She felt that Lu Man did not need them.

With Lu Mans current position, there were countless people who would tell her nice things, but not one of them could get a spot.

“I hope that you wont have something that youd need help for in the future.

Its best that you dont have any difficulties your whole life,” said Jiang Yujie.

If she waited for Lu Man to have any difficulties, was she not cursing her

So she said this first.

“However, if there is anything that I can help you with, even if its a small thing, please tell me.

If I can help a little, my heart will feel better.” Jiang Yujie looked at Lu Man seriously.

“For as long as I live, no matter what, I will not decline any of your requests,” said Jiang Yujie.

“I need to use the rest of my life to pay back your kindness.”

Lu Man felt that this payback was too much, so she said, “You dont need to do that.

Just as you said, perhaps this is really not considered an easy task, but it doesnt require you to pay me back with your whole life.”

Jiang Yujie nodded.

“To me, it is so.”

Jiang Yujie insisted, so Lu Man could only give her peace of mind for now.

“Okay, then.

If I have anything that you can help with, I will definitely let you know.”

Lu Man handed the evidence from Jiang Yujie to Han Zhuoli.

“Now that you have the evidence, you wont return there, right” asked Lu Man.

“Of course not,” Jiang Yujie said without hesitation.

“The days that I spent beside Lu Qiyuan, every second was torture.

Now, every time I remember the times I was with him, I would rather…”

A hint of hatred showed on Jiang Yujies face, but she exhaled right after.

“So, I am trying my best to stop myself from remembering the things from that period of time.

Besides, I chose this path myself, so I have nothing much to say..”

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