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Chapter 2793: Are They Even Educated

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And it was at this age that kids could not hide anything.

Many of them did not even care about manners.

They did not know what they could say and what they could not.

They only copied what their elders said at home.

Jiang Yujie parked her car and got out.

Those kids recognized her.

After all, when Jiang Yujie got together with Lu Qiyuan, she had just graduated.

When she went to school, she stayed here.

So, upon seeing her, a brat pointed at her.

“Its her, its the vixen.


“Its her, I recognize her! Some mans mistress!”

These were all kids who were five or six years old.

At such a young age, did they even know what mistress meant

“Vixen, whos together with an old man!”

“My mom said to not learn from her! Embarrassment!”

“Mistress, shes a mistress!” A little boy hopped around and pointed at her.

The parents and elders at home talked frequently about how Jiang Yujie was taken in by an old man for money.

She wore glamorous clothes and even drove.

But she was still a mistress.

It was shameful.

Besides, she did not seem to be bringing back money to her family.

Because of this, people did not see her in a good light.

As she faced the criticisms of these kids, Jiang Yujies expression did not change for even one second.

They looked like kids, but she felt like these faces that looked so innocent were actually the most innocent devils in the world.

“Whose kids are these! Its outrageous! Are they even educated” Mrs.

Jiang rushed out and held Jiang Yujie, protecting her while scolding those kids.

The buildings in this poor compound were not tall.

The shouting of the kids was heard clearly by Jiang Yujies mother at home.

Her heart jumped, thinking that Jiang Yujie was back.

Ever since they argued and separated, they had no idea if Jiang Yujie was really angry at them or just did not want to come back to enrage them, and that was why she had not returned since.


Jiang was stubborn, but Mrs.

Jiang could not just let her daughter go.

Her mother would secretly call Jiang Yujie while Mr.

Jiang was not home.

In the end, she still missed her daughter.

She wanted her daughter to visit.

So when she heard the noises of the kids downstairs, she leaned over the window to take a look.

Jiang Yujie was really back.

How could Mrs.

Jiang watch Jiang Yujie being bullied

She rushed down immediately.

Those kids did not think they were wrong and even stuck out their tongue at her.

“She is a mistress!”

“Shes shameless!”

“We can say whatever we want! Your family is bad for bringing up a daughter like this!”

“Whose kids are you These words are all spoken by the adults at home, right” said Mrs.

Jiang furiously.

She did not believe that these immature kids could know about these by themselves.

Either it was taught by the adults at home…

Or when the adults at home were talking, they did not keep their kids away, causing the kids to listen to everything.

When the kids came out, they copied the adults.

No matter which one it was, it was enraging!


Jiang was about to follow the kids to ask the people at their home what their intention was.

But Jiang Yujie pulled her.

“Mom, lets go home.

I have something to tell you.”

Seeing her serious expression, Mrs.

Jiang froze, thinking that she had broken up with Lu Qiyuan.

However, there was no sign of sadness on her face.

Instead, she looked refreshed and even happy, so it did not look like something bad had happened..

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