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Chapter 2799: Protect You for Life

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Jiang Yujie cried as she said, “But I am lucky; youre so nice, and Big Brother is also nice.

I remember when I first entered this house, you brought me to look at my room, which was specially prepared for me.

Big Brother did not reject me either.

I still remember what he looked like while saying to a scared me,Little sister, from now on, I am your older brother.

“I know you treat me like your own daughter.

You are strict when I make mistakes, but usually, you spoil me.

Big Brother also kept protecting me.

When I was bullied outside, he would make them pay, avenging me.

When he came back full of injuries, he also had to get hit by you.

Even then, he still kept on protecting me.

“When we grew older, he graduated from university and started to work.

He told me that its hard to buy a house in B City.

Were just an ordinary family, so he didnt want you to buy him a house.

Instead, he wanted you to leave the money for me.

He didnt want this house as well and wanted to leave it to me.

He worked hard by himself.

Hes a man and he could earn to pay for his daily needs.

Im a girl and I didnt need to worry too much, as long as I was happy.

Perhaps he couldnt really make me a princess, but he was willing to try his best to make my life easy.

“However, this house was originally his,” said Jiang Yujie.

“Even blood-related siblings are not as good to each other as he is to me.

Dad, you and my brother have never made me feel like I was an outsider.

You have never made me feel like I was not blood-related.

“Were a family, but I still cant forget the gratitude that I have for you all.

Its you who accepted me from the first day,” said Jiang Yujie.

“For my older brother, what can I not do All this time, he has protected me.

Since I could do it and had this solution, then I had to protect him.”


Jiang wiped his face.

“I wont say anything else.

Yujie, you just have to remember that for your enormous sacrifice for Huaizhou, we will never do anything to wrong you for the rest of our lives.

“We will protect you for life! From now on, nobody can talk bad about you regarding this,” said Mr.


Jiang Yujie cried and laughed as she nodded.

“Dad, lets pack up and move.”

“Why Move now” Mr.

Jiang did not reject the idea, but he did not expect it to be so quick.


Jiang also wiped away her tears and looked at Jiang Yujie with a face full of surprise.

Jiang Yujie nodded.

“I stole the evidence from Lu Qiyuan.

Since I have stolen it, I will definitely not return, and I dont dare to work there anymore.

After he finds out that I have disappeared, he will definitely suspect something.

His finding out that I have stolen the evidence from him is just a matter of time.

“If hes fast, he will find out by afternoon today.

If were lucky, then it will be tomorrow latest.

By tomorrow, when he finds out that I didnt go to the office, he will feel suspicious,” said Jiang Yujie.

“So we have to leave immediately.”

Jiang Yujie was afraid that Mr.

Jiang had his concerns, so she explained immediately, “I have rented a house.

Dont worry, I paid for the rent from my own pocket.

Its the salary that I have earned myself.”

She pursed her lips.

“While being with Lu Qiyuan, its impossible that I didnt spend his money at all, or else it would be too suspicious.

However, I didnt value his money, so I didnt spend much, just on daily needs.

I didnt touch whats left, nor did I bring any back.

What I have is from my usual salary..”

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