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Chapter 2819: Prepare Their Manuscripts for Them

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He should not give the journalists a hard time.

It would be hard enough to come out to work now, and theyd still have to be sent here and there by their CEO.

If there was time, it would be better for the journalists to go for bigger news.

“No… no need,” said Lu Man.

She was just pregnant.

It could not be considered news-worthy.

To them, it was joyful news, but to people unrelated, they would not feel much.

It was like… whether you were pregnant or not had nothing to do with me.

That feeling.

Han Zhuoli held Lu Mans hand.

“Why not This is such an important thing! This is something serious.

The fourth generation of the Han Family is born! Whether its a boy or a girl, it will be the eldest grandson or granddaughter.

Extremely different.”

“Tthink… we can just announce it online.

Didnt we just tell Chu Zhaoyang and the others We didnt tell the elders of their family.

Grandma will definitely want to tell this joyful news to the elders herself.”

Lu Man felt sorry for Wei Zhigian and the other single people.

They could not blame her for not being loyal to them.

She could not really ask Han Zhuoli to organize a press conference just for her pregnancy.

Wei Zhigian was going to suffer anyway, so he was not lacking that.

“Those who are left are not closely related to us, so we wont need to tell them specifically.

Its fine to just announce it online,” said Lu Man.

“Besides, organizing a press conference now is actually not as effective as announcing it online.

After the press conference, we would have to wait for the journalists to write the manuscripts, then publish them.

I dont even know how many netizens watch their news.

Probably not as many as our fans.


better to just post it ourselves, letting the netizens from the whole country see and give us their blessings.

How nice is that”

Han Zhuoli touched his chin and said, “Actually, I can prepare their manuscripts for them.”

Lu Man was speechless.

There would be less work for the journalists.

Han Zhuoli laughed.


After listening to you, I also feel that a press conference wont be that effective.”

Han Zhuoli took out his phone and looked at the time now.

It was 9:20 PM.

“After another two hours and forty-eight minutes, I can announce it online,” said Han Zhuoli.

Lu Man was speechless.

This man was already thinking about it even without her reminding him.

After that, Han Zhuoli said, “Dont stay up too late.

You should sleep early.

Its the same to post it tomorrow after you wake up.

I will post it after midnight.”

“Okay.” Lu Man laughed.

“Actually, you dont need to stay up either.

Its the same if you post it tomorrow with me.”

“Tcant wait.” Han Zhuoli looked as though he was rushing.

It seemed like he was really in a hurry.

She did not know how he had endured it these past two months.

When they found out she was pregnant, it had already been one month.

So Han Zhuoli had endured for another two months.

Seeing how impatient Han Zhuoli was, Lu Man did not say things like “if they did not post together, stupid netizens would misunderstand.”

But it indeed would happen.

Just like after some public figures announced their relationships.

Even during their partners birthdays, if they did not publicly post their birthday wishes at 12 midnight sharp, netizens would speculate whether they had broken up..

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