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Chapter 2828: Youre Setting Up This Kind of Trap for Me

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“Today is my Man Mans @Lu Man third month of pregnancy.

On this day three months ago, before we even knew, we already became parents.

For the past three months and the coming seven months, thanks for your hard work, wifey.”

When Lu Man saw what he posted, she shared it immediately.

“Its not hard for me.

Its hard for you who wakes up at midnight to make supper for me.”

‘There were many netizens who were scrolling through the internet in the morning.

Han Zhuoli had a lot of fans, and together with Lu Mans fans, they made this news go to the trending search section.

Its ranking on the trending search would go up after one refreshed every one or two minutes.

After a short while, it became the most searched.

There were some netizens who had quick thinking; they connected the post that Lu Man posted before and this one immediately.

“No wonder Lu Man took a picture of Young Master Han cooking noodles for her at midnight previously.

That time, Lu Man was already pregnant and wanted to eat at midnight.”

“She is so spoiled! Back then, when I was pregnant, my husband did not care about what I wanted to eat at midnight.

Its still fine if theres any food at home or it could be bought coincidentally.

If theres none, I had to endure it.”

“Most importantly, Young Master Han does not just spoil her during pregnancy.

From dating until marriage, then to pregnancy, he has always spoiled her this way.”


I think even after Lu Man gives birth and theres a child, Lu Man will still be the first in Young Master Hans heart.”

“Haih, when I was pregnant, my grandmas family and my husband only asked about the child in me.

When I vomited, they fed me only for the health of the child.

Although I love the child a lot and can give everything for him, honestly, when I was pregnant, hearing people talk only about the child in me

without asking about me was still sad.”

“Lam s0 jealous of the love between Young Master Han and Lu Man.

It has nothing to do with riches.

They really did it.

I only have eyes for you.”

“Congratulations, my Man! When will you announce the babys gender”

“So curious whether its a tiny prince or princess.”

Han Zhuoli did not rush to leave.

Instead, he scrolled through the comments for a while.

Seeing this comment, he turned and asked Lu Man, “When youre four months pregnant, we can go check, right”

As a future father, Han Zhuoli had researched quite a few things about pregnancy.

It was all for the convenience of taking care of Lu Man.

So he also knew approximately in which month they could confirm the babys gender.

“Do you want to check earlier” Lu Man asked him.

“Idont really mind.

I just saw some netizens mentioning it, so I asked,” said Han Zhuoli.

“Do you want to know earlier”

Lu Man thought for a while and said, “Its also good to know earlier.

We can set up the babys room beforehand and buy clothes and toys.

We can make a more accurate preparation.”

Lu Mans eyes glowed as she asked him, “So do you want a daughter more or a son more”

Han Zhuoli smiled and hugged Lu Man.

“Youre setting up this kind of trap for me”

Lu Man thought for a while and thought that this question was not difficult at all.

Han Zhuoli would definitely say that he was fine with both boys and girls.

But Lu Man knew that he really thought so.

He would not mind whether it was a boy or a girl, he would like them equally..

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