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Chapter 2830: Hes 150 Kilograms

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“Not much, just prepare some snacks,” said Han Zhuoli, “And send all the employees in the company an email, asking them to check Weibo and pay attention to the current events.”

“Young Master Han, dont worry, I have already sent the email.

Everyone should get it now,” said Zheng Tianming.

These small matters did not need to be ordered by Han Zhuoli.

If he could not think of these things and be a step ahead of Han Zhuoli, if he needed Han Zhuoli to tell him, it was impossible for him to have been Han Zhuolis assistant for so many years.

Only Manager Zhang was unlucky.

He had just hung up when he received Zheng Tianmings email.

Manager Zhang covered his face and cried without tears.

How he wished he had gotten the email earlier or Han Zhuoli had called a few minutes later.

“Very good.” Han Zhuoli was even more satisfied.

“‘m almost at the office.”

“Okay.” Zheng Tianming hung up and immediately sent another email.

“Fellow employees, CEO and Mrs.

CEO are almost here.

Please do not forget to send them your most heartfelt blessings.”

When Manager Zhang received this email, he could not help but cry.

If he had Zheng Tianmings quick mind, would he be promoted quicker

Manager Zhang mumbled.

It was no wonder that Zheng Tianming could be Han Zhuolis assistant, and he had been for so many years.

Nobody could replace him.

He had been sitting in the position of assistant with an annual salary of millions for years without moving.

As Manager Zhang was thinking about this, he got up and walked towards the entrance of the office.

He had already missed the chance to kiss up to the CEO.

He only wanted to let the CEO know about his passion for work.

Who would have thought that it would go the wrong way

Since he already knew about the intentions of the CEO, how could he not hurry

So Manager Zhang rushed out of his office as if his butt was caught on fire.

He dashed, leaving only an afterimage behind him.

The employees he passed by all felt a gust of wind.

When they turned around and looked, they could only see the back of Manager Zhang disappearing at the office entrance.

“Our manager… hes 150 kilograms, but his movements are still very agile,” said an employee of the publicity department with a poker face.

‘When Manager Zhang arrived at the entrance, he took a look.

All the managers, general managers, and assistant managers from the various departments were all waiting at the entrance.

They had even put themselves in lines orderly according to their positions.

As for the managers of the departments, they were all on the same level, so they could only line up on a first come, first served basis.

Naturally, everyone wanted to be at the front to leave the CEO a good impression.

But too bad he came late.

Manager Zhang took a look, and there were many people there already.

He was in the middle.

He was not the latest, but also not very early.

It could be seen that his fellow employees were very quick-minded.

Manager Zhang deeply felt concerned about his own future.

Among these people, it seemed like he was not very smart.

There were many people who were more quick-minded than him.

It was too terrifying.

He was among a pack of wolves waiting for food.

If he was careless, he would be eaten by these people.

Manager Zhang tidied up his suit and reminded himself secretly that he had to be more careful from now on..

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