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Chapter 2832: Have You Given Your Blessings

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Its true that Assistant General Manager Yu did not get fired right away to prevent people from suspecting that he was taken revenge on at work due to personal issues.

But it gave General Manager He a chance, and it became the start of Assistant General Manager Yus downfall.

After General Manager He had successfully fired Assistant General Manager Yu, Assistant General Manger Zhao took the spot.

General Manager He had better days after that.

Assistant General Manager Zhao was not an idiot like Assistant General Manager Yu.

His chemistry with General Manager He during work was excellent.

Sometimes, there would definitely be disagreements during work.

However, it was not personal.

So General Manager He did not mind.

It was very normal.

Seeing that Assistant General Manager Zhao even knew to mention the rest of the employees, General Manager He felt that he was a really kind person.

Han Zhuoli nodded and smiled.

“You guys are so considerate.”

“No way.” General Manager He smiled and said, “When Madame CEO came previously, we did not know about the pregnancy at all.

Had we known, we would definitely have limited the employees, preventing them from dashing around.”

Han Zhuoli was satisfied and said, “Its not too late to limit them now!”

Everyone was speechless.

‘The CEO did not hold back at all.

They could not keep Lu Man at the entrance, so everyone immediately let Han Zhuoli and Lu Man enter.

Even though only the executives and the managers from the various departments came, there were a lot of people.

A group of people followed Han Zhuoli and Lu Man.

It looked spectacular.

In the hall, the employees who passed by and the people at the front desk all congratulated Han Zhuoli and Lu Man.

Han Zhuoli nodded.

“Looks like you have already seen Weibo.

Good job.”

Han Zhuoli stopped and asked, “Have you given your blessings on Weibo”

Everyone was speechless.

Vice President Zhang seized the opportunity to show his presence as he said to Han Zhuoli hurriedly, “CEO, I gave my blessings as soon as possible.

I was afraid that there would be too many blessings and you would not see mine.

I was afraid that if I gave my blessings too late, I would miss the perfect


Everyone was speechless.

Did he memorize the New Year greetings

Vice Presidents Zhangs passion was so cheesy that it made everyone sick.

They all elbowed each other secretly.

They even got goosebumps in this hot weather.

Unexpectedly, Han Zhuoli did not think it was cheesy at all.

He even nodded.

“I felt your blessings.”

Lu Man was speechless.

She was a little worried that perhaps Han Zhuolis style would be like this from now on.

Together with Lu Man, Han Zhuoli walked ahead.

The leaders of the various departments all looked like elites usually.

But now, they were like dogs following their owner.

The scene of them sticking so close was unbearable to watch.

Han Zhuoli and Lu Man returned to the office.

Lu Man discovered that there were more bolster pillows in the bedroom now.

They were randomly arranged on the floor, but it looked extremely comfortable.

“This is for your convenience.

You can lean on one of them wherever you are,” explained Zheng Tianming.

“The carpet is soft, and I saw that you liked to sit on the carpet sometimes, so I placed a few more bolster pillows everywhere on the floor.

No matter where you sit, a bolster pillow will be within your

reach for you to grab and lean on.”

Lu Man did not expect Zheng Tianming to be so kind.

Surprised, she said, “Thank you so much.

I didnt think that you were so thoughtful.”

Han Zhuoli gave Zheng Tianming an unkind glance.

Zheng Tianming had stolen the chance for him to show his diligence.

Was this what a qualified assistant should do

” Zheng Tianmings eyes twitched and he smiled.

“Its all because the CEO taught me well.

I watched him too much and know his intentions, so I decided on my own to do thi:

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