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Chapter 2839: Whose Bragging Can You Handle More

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“She cant eat too much seafood.

She also cant eat anything too spicy even though she likes to eat spicy food.

And also…”

Even though it was not good for pregnant women to eat seafood, it also depended on every individuals body.

It was not like they could not even eat a little.

Lu Man liked to eat crab.

Even though she could not eat crab frequently, it was fine if she ate a bit once in a while.

Han Zhuoli listed down many things that Lu Man could not eat, so many that Han Zhuoling felt nauseated.

This young brat was taking this chance to show off to him!

Han Zhuoling looked at his own wedding ring and felt a little comforted.

“You decide the place.

You decide the place and I will pay.”

Luckily, Han Zhuoli still remembered their brotherhood and did not give Han Zhuoling a hard time as he agreed easily.

Han Zhuoling hung up the call.

Seeing that Manager Luo was still here, he said, “See, Han Zhuoli even has time to call me to invite me for a meal, meaning that hes really very free.

Why dont you hurry up and give him all the work!”

Manager Luo jumped.

He did not dare to stay here for another moment.

These two brothers did not give people a chance to survive.

It could not be imagined what it would be like when Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli were eating lunch together.

Sitting together with them would be forcing yourself to die.

Manager Luo immediately went to Han Zhuolis office.

If he didnt, Han Zhuoli might leave early to make sure that Lu Man was not hungry.

Hed then would have gone for nothing.

After finally arriving at Han Zhuolis office, he entered and saw that Lu Man was also there.

Lu Man did not want to disturb Han Zhuoli and was going back to the bedroom.

She was stopped by Han Zhuoli.

“Its boring for you to be alone inside.

You can sit here and listen to Manager Luos report to get rid of your boredom.”

Manager Luo did not know what to say.


Han Zhuoli smiled gently.

“Lu Man is pregnant, you know, so thats why I brought her to the office.

This way, I can watch over her at all times.

I dont have to worry that Lu Man will feel unwell at home while I am working during the day.”

Manager Luos expression gave way, and he almost cried.

He knew Lu Man was pregnant, he really knew.

Just in this short afternoon, his ears were already going to drop off from hearing this.

Manager Luo did not know now that when he returned home today, he would also dream of Han Zhuoli telling him about Lu Mans pregnancy.

He would even be speaking in his sleep.

“CEO, I know that Madam CEO is pregnant, I really know.”

He would even scare his wife, waking her up.

But right now, Manager Luo was still in the office.

After reporting his work to Han Zhuoli, he left the CEOs office weakly.

‘When he returned to his own office, the managers of the various departments were already waiting for him at the entrance.

“How is it What did Young Master Ling say” asked Manager Lu from the advertising department.

Manager Luos mouth twitched.

‘About this, you should think about it yourself.

Do you want to go to our CEO and listen to him talk about Madam CEOs pregnancy and how she could not leave him Or do you want to go to our Deputy CEO and listen to him talk about him being a newlywed who is currently on

the honeymoon phase, which is a good time to be lovey-dovey with Madam Deputy CEO”

Everyone was speechless.

So he was saying that they could not avoid being shown off to

Manager Luo said weakly, “Anyway, think about it yourself.

Whose bragging can you handle more”

Manager Luo felt that he really suffered today..

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