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Chapter 2840: Why Do You Want Me to Go There Suddenly

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He had been pressured by these people to take the lead and go first.

He did not expect to experience the devastation from two sides.

He was already being very kind to tell them the situation honestly.

Everyone gave it a thought and decided to go to Han Zhuoli.

They were going to be devastated anyway, so they would rather not listen to Han Zhuolings bragging while facing his terrifying gaze.

They did not even dare to imagine that scene!

Han Zhuoling, who was in the office, knew Han Zhuoli too well.

He also felt that it was too dangerous to eat with Han Zhuoli and Lu Man alone.

Han Zhuoli would not have a conscience and not show off to him just because he was paying for lunch.

So Han Zhuoling was quick-witted and called Shi Xiaoya.

‘Wu Mosens movie was named “Left and Right for now.

It was uncertain whether this would be the final name used when it was released.

The movieLeft and Right” had already entered its final stage of preparation.

The production crew was currently preparing the set in the outskirts of B City.

Everything was made according to the look back then.

The female lead was Yan Zhiqing.

It was finally confirmed that Yan Zhiging would be playing this role.

And Shi Xiaoya was Yan Zhigings makeup artist.

This made Han Zhuoling relieved.

The movie was shooting in B City, so it was convenient for him to visit Shi Xiaoya.

And she was doing Yan Zhigings makeup.

Yan Zhiging would definitely not give Shi Xiaoya a hard time for no reason.

If there was anyone giving Shi Xiaoya a hard time, she could ask Yan Zhiqing for help.

Just thinking about it made Han Zhuoling happy.

Shi Xiaoya would join the crew soon.

After that, she had to follow along to shoot for days and nights.

It would not be easy to come out when they were busy.

So during this time, Shi Xiaoya stopped all her work and spent all of her time to be with Han Zhuoling while she still could.

At this time, Shi Xiaoya was at home.

‘When she picked up Han Zhuolings call, Shi Xiaoya felt weird.

“Why are you calling me at this time”

It was not break time yet.

Usually, when Han Zhuoling called her during the day, it would be during break time.

“Have you eaten lunch” asked Han Zhuoling, smiling.

He always had a cold expression, but the moment he heard Shi Xiaoyas voice, he could not stop smiling and his mood improved drastically.

“Not yet.

Its only 11 oclock, so I am not hungry yet,” said Shi Xiaoya.

The Han Corporations break time started at 12 oclock.

It would last until 1:30 PM during the winter and 2 PM during the summer.

In the summer, they would go off work half an hour late.

It was currently September, and although it was already autumn, the heat in B City was still not gone yet, so they were still using the working time of the summer.

“So can you come and find me at the office” Han Zhuoling asked.

“Yeah,” Shi Xiaoya agreed easily.

“But why do you want me to go there suddenly”

Previously, Han Zhuoling felt that the weather was hot, so he did not want to trouble her.

So during break time, if he had time, he would go back.

Ifhe had to socialize at noon or could not have a break due to work, Han Zhuoling would not go back and would definitely not ask Shi Xiaoya to go to the Han Corporation in a hot day.

So it was rare that Han Zhuoling mentioned it.

When Han Zhuoling heard Shi Xiaoya ask that, he had an indescribable expression.

“Isnt today the day Lu Man is three months pregnant and they can tell the public”

Han Zhuolings face twitched as he told her what Han Zhuoli did..

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