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Chapter 2844: Her Smile Froze

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“Man Man is having such a hard time being pregnant.

I feel that no matter how much I take care of her, its not even a hundredth of what shes going through,” said Han Zhuoli.

“Tonly found out how good marriage is after getting married to Xiaoya,” said Han Zhuoling with a cold expression.

“Tfeel so sorry for her every time I remember that Man Man has to go through this for another seven months,” said Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoling smiled.

“Were different.

We dont have kids now, and we take this chance to be in our own world with each other.”

Han Zhuoli chuckled.

“I have already figured it out.

After Man Man gives birth to this child, we wont rush to get another child.

We have to wait until five or six years when were older.

Or else, if there are too many kids, my love life with Man Man will be disturbed.”


Han Zhuoling held a cup with his left hand, naturally showing the wedding ring on his ring finger.

“Xiaoyas and my wedding has been scheduled.

I must organize a grand wedding for Xiaoya.”

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.

Lu Man was speechless.


Listening to their heated battle made them full.

They had finally lasted until the end of the difficult lunchtime.

Soon after Lu Man and Han Zhuoli returned to the office, Han Zhuoli got a call from Mo Jingcheng.

Hearing that it was from Mo Jingcheng, Lu Man thought that it might be related to Lu Qiyuans case, so she also paid attention.

When Han Zhuoli finished talking to Mo Jingcheng and hung up, he saw Lu Mans face full of expectation.

Han Zhuoli said, “Its about Lu Qiyuan.

Jiang Yujies brother is proven to be innocent and will be released.

As the situation was very severe, Lu Qiyuan got 20 years for the framing and for bribery.”

Lu Man let outa sigh.

With Lu Qiyuans age, when he was released, he would be almost 70 years old; he would not be able to do any tricks.

As for Jiang Yujie, Lu Man no longer contacted her.

Jiang Yujie definitely knew about Jiang Huaizhou being released.

Right now, the Jiang family must be busy picking Jiang Huaizhou up, so Lu Man did not trouble them further.

Besides, it was already handled, so it did not matter much whether Lu Man contacted her or not.

If she contacted Jiang Yujie, Jiang Yujie would definitely talk about returning the favor.

But actually, she did not help because she wanted Jiang Yujie to return the favor.

Besides, this was just a piece of cake for her.

The person who put in a lot of effort and made many sacrifices was Jiang Yujie herself.

She was worried that contacting Jiang Yujie would make Jiang Yujie remember the terrible past.

Actually, Lu Man hoped that Jiang Yujie could completely throw away the past.

It might not be possible to forget the past.

However, she could at least look forward, bury the past, and never mention it again.

That way, she could walk forward.

She did not want Jiang Yujie to remember things that she did not want to remember just because she saw people or things who were related to her past.

It was good to completely break off from the past.

So when Lu Man thought about this, she did not contact Jiang Yujie.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Yujie took the initiative to contact her.

“Lu Man, my older brother is coming out.

Were on the way to pick him up.” Jiang Yujies voice was filled with excitement.

“Tjust heard about this too,” said Lu Man, smiling.


From now on, your family will be reunited.

Dont think about the past anymore.”

But Lu Man did not see that when Jiang Yujie heard this, her smile froze and she felt a little bitter.

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