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Chapter 2852: Unwilling to Stay Alone

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They were both his children.

Even if they were not blood-related, to him, they were blood-related.

In his eyes, the two of them were brother and sister related by blood.

He could not imagine, not to mention accept, the two of them developing this kind of relationship.

Even if they were not blood-related, their family names were still Jiang.

So, Mr.

Jiang could not help but worry.

He was even oversensitive.

He saw that the two were talking in the room and did not come out, so he could not help but overthink.


Then he pushed the door open.

But after calming himself down, he knew that what he did was wrong.

He also saw that hurt expression of Jiang Yujie behind Jiang Huaizhou.


Jiang said hurriedly, “Its nothing.

I just wanted to ask Yujie to bring you downstairs to take a look.”


Jiang smiled.

“Yujie, bring your brother nearby to take walk and familiarize himself.

I asked your mom, she said that there are still another two hours until dinner.”

Jiang Yujie bit her lips.


Jiang had covered it.

However, Jiang Yujie still did not feel good inside.

She thought about it and was worried that she would not have this chance in the future.

She should value the chance she had to spend time with Jiang Huaizhou.

In the future, she.

Jiang Yujie sniffed secretly and raised her head, asking Jiang Huaizhou with a smile, “Big Brother, are you tired now Want to rest for a while”

Jiang Huaizhou smiled as he shook his head.


I feel energetic.

I want to take a look around.”

He had been trapped inside that square-ish place.

Whenever he raised his head, the sky would be in a frame.

After staying inside, he found out how valuable the sceneries, which he had been used to seeing and would not take another look at before, were.

Now, he was out and free.

Last night, as he knew that he would be free today, he was so excited that he could not sleep.

However, he still felt energetic.

It was as though he was greedy to see everything outside.

Everything that came with freedom.

So he was not exhausted at all.

He was even unwilling to stay alone.

He did not want to close his eyes.

Jiang Yujie did not know Jiang Huaizhous thoughts, but since he said that, Jiang Yujie answered, “Okay.”

Jiang Yujie brought Jiang Huaizhou to have a walk around the compound for around half an hour.

Jiang Huaizhou did not bring up Mr.

Jiangs behavior just now.

He could not explain it, and he would only make it more awkward if he explained.

It was better to just let it go.

Jiang Yujie brought Jiang Huaizhou to walk around the compound for half an hour, showing him the mini-mart and other similar stores in the compound.

Then, the two exited the compound and walked around nearby.

Near the compound, there was a hospital and a huge shopping mall.

The shopping mall had a cinema with decent facilities.

It was good to have a walk in the mall if they had nothing to do.

As they were scared that Lu Qiyuan would bring them trouble, Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang had not dared to go out of the house and had not come to the mall yet.

Today, they picked Jiang Huaizhou up.


Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang could also feel at ease and walk around.

Seeing that it was almost time, the two returned home.

They came out of the elevator and immediately smelled the smell of food from home.

It was the familiar smell of Mrs.

Jiangs cooking.

Even if the seasonings were the same, if a different person handled it, the taste and the smell of the food would still be different.

Jiang Huaizhou and Jiang Yujie were used to Mrs.

Jiangs cooking; they knew with one sniff that it was the smell of food from their home.

Jiang Huaizhou took a few deep breaths.

Feeling nostalgic, he said, “Its been so long since I tried moms cooking, It smells so good.”

As he was talking, they entered the house.


Jiang heard that and said immediately, “Then eat more tonight.

Its all your favourite food..”

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