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Chapter 2855: You Wont Let Me Suffer Losses, Right

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“Twont need yours,” said Jiang Huaizhou.

“I am not putting on a tough front.

Besides, you heard Dad and Mom.

My previous savings were not touched at all.”

Hed thought about saving everything at home for Jiang Yujie.

He could work for the things he needed.

So when he was working, other than the money he used to spend on the familys living expenses and to save for Jiang Yujies tuition fees, he used the money left to invest.

Luckily, his judgment was pretty good.

‘When investing, there would always be profits and losses, so there were also times when he made losses.

However, most of the time, he made profits.


The money that was saved was a lot more than his salary.

After Jiang Huaizhou entered jail, he gave his bank card and password to Mrs.


However, to avoid arousing suspicion, Mrs.

Jiang had never touched his card, not to mention checking the amount of money in the card.

She thought that it could serve as a foundation for Jiang Huaizhous life after he came out of jail.

So his money could not be touched.

They spent quite a lot of money getting a lawyer for Jiang Huaizhou back then; most of it was paid by Jiang Huaizhou himself.

However, they still did not win the case in the end.

The amount of money left was not too little.

Jiang Huaizhou was unclear how much was left as he had not checked it yet.


Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang were obviously more unclear.

So now, Jiang Huaizhou said, “If my savings are not much, then I will create a business in line with my savings.

I wont use your money.”

Hearing what he said, Jiang Yujie could only say, “Big Brother, if you want it to be this way, can you treat it as me lending you money If you lost money, you just need to give me back the amount that you lost.

However, if you made profits, treat it as me buying your shares.

You can just give me the


Jiang Yujie smiled and said, “Anyway, I think that you will definitely make profits and wont make losses.

Its perfect.

If you make money and give out dividends, I can earn money without doing anything every day.

I can just count my money at home every day.

I dont have to go to work, nor do I have to

serve other people.

I can go out and play when I am bored and shop while I am out.”

Seeing that Jiang Yujies mind had painted such a wonderful scene and her small face was filled with joy, Jiang Huaizhou could not help but smile.

Seeing that he smiled, Jiang Yujie let out a sigh of relief.

“Anyway, I am not asking you to take advantage of me.

Its for you to earn money for me, to make me a boss.

Big Brother, you wont let me suffer losses, right”

“Of course,” said Jiang Huaizhou immediately.

Jiang Yujies eyes glowed.

“Big Brother, so you agreed”

“Mhmm.” Jiang Huaizhou nodded.

If he continued to decline, he would be disappointing Jiang Yujie.

Obviously, Jiang Huaizhou knew that Jiang Yujie was just finding an excuse for him to accept her money.

It was naturally better to have more starting capital.

That way, more things could be done.

Since Jiang Yujie said this, Jiang Huaizhou could not decline.

However, he thought in his heart that he could not fail no matter what.

This was money that Jiang Yujie had put in a lot of effort to save.

He could not just lose all of them.

He accepted the card, but he would only use it if he had no choice.

He treated it like he was keeping it for Jiang Yujie.

However, he would still give out dividends to Jiang Yujie.

Even if Jiang Yujie did not give a single cent, how could he not give Jiang Yujie some if he had earned money

However, Mr.

Jiang honestly thought that Jiang Huaizhou was really going to use Jiang Yujies money, and he became anxious… “Huaizhou, how can you use Yujies money Yujie, to help Huaizhou, you already… already…”

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