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Chapter 2857: Declined

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“Thave given all my savings to Big Brother.

If he wants to start a business, the money he needs is all inside.

They are not current assets, so they cant be turned over immediately.

When the time comes, only then would the two of us have to worry.”

It was not easy for Jiang Huaizhou to say this.

So Jiang Yujie helped Jiang Huaizhou say it.


Jiang heard this and thought that it was reasonable.

The money that she had saved was indeed for them to use after they had retired.

When they got older, their legs would not be as deft, and they would not be able to do much chores.


They could not let the kids take care of them, so they would not bother their two children at home.

They would use this money to find a good nursing home and stay there.

As people get older, they would definitely have sicknesses.

They would suffer from sicknesses and pain constantly.

This money could be used for treating them.

It was already difficult for young people to live a life, so they did not want to become their childrens burden.

However, the two had not told Jiang Yujie and Jiang Huaizhou about this thought.

If they had said it, the two would definitely disagree.

No matter what, they would not think that their parents were a burden.

After Mrs.

Jiang thought for a while, she discussed with Mr.

Jiang softly, “Dear, how about… we wanted to sell that house of ours anyway.

After selling it, lets not move houses.

I think staying here is pretty good too.

The rental here is not a huge burden on us.

At least, in the short term, its less of a burden

than moving to a new house.

“Even if we are to buy a new house, and the money we get from selling our previous house is enough for a downpayment, we still have to take a loan for the rest of the payment.

Currently, taking a loan will put too much of a pressure on our family,” said Mrs.


If Jiang Huaizhou wanted to start a business, he needed money.

Besides, Jiang Huaizhou also said that the house was for Jiang Yujie.

So they could not ask Jiang Huaizhou to pay.

Now that Jiang Yujie had quit her job and had given her savings to Jiang Huaizhou, she did not have any salary for the time being.

‘When Jiang Yujie found a job again, the pressure would all be on Jiang Yujie.


Jiang also felt sorry for her daughter.

“Lets wait until our familys situation improves, then we can think about buying a new house,” said Mrs.


“As for now, the money that we get from selling that house of ours can all be given to Huaizhou.”

Surprised, Mr.

Jiang looked at Mrs.



Jiang said, “Yujie believes in Huaizhou, and so do I.

Around our old house, Id like to know, whose kid is as outstanding as our Huaizhou

“If Huaizhous and Yujies savings are not enough, then add in the money well get from selling the house.

We are just an ordinary family, we dont have the capability to provide a great headstart for our children.” Mrs.

Jiang sighed.

“Huaizhou has the capability, but hes held back by our family.”

“Mom, dont say that,” said Jiang Huaizhou immediately.


Jiang shook her head.

“So I think that we should give whatever we can.

We dont have much savings now, but luckily, we have a house.”


Jiang smiled.

“It is considered as having a little background, right”

She asked Mr.

Jiang, “Dear, do you think this is fine”


Jiang obviously had no objection.

This was helping Jiang Huaizhou after all.


Jiang just did not expect Mrs.

Jiang to help Jiang Huaizhou to this point, and he felt sorry.

Jiang Huaizhou declined.

“That cant do.

That house is for Yujie.

Besides, the house is our familys foundation..

How can you guys not have a home of your own when youre older”

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