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Chapter 2865: Who Knew He Would Be Such a Son of a B*tch

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But she stopped before entering the living room.

She hid behind the wall.

Lu Qi saw that in the living room, He Zhengbai and Sun Jingfei sat together, just like a couple.

And He Qingyang and Yang Lin sat on the couch opposite them.

He Qingyang and Yang Lin were smiling, looking full of love.

If people saw this, they would not be able to imagine how harsh and terrible their expressions were when facing Lu Qi.

At this moment, she saw Yang Lin smile as she said, “Zhengbai, Jingfei is such a good girl.

You must cherish her.

I tell you, dont you dare bully Jingfei.”

Yang Lin smiled kindly.

“Jingfei, if this kid bullies you, or not even bullying, if he so much as makes you unhappy, just tell me and I will discipline him!”

Sun Jingfei smiled shyly and said, “Zhengbai is very good to me.

He has never once bullied me.”

Sun Jingfei turned to look at He Zhengbai.

Her eyes were filled with affection.

“Besides, he is so thoughtful.

He wont make anyone angry.”

Lu Qi was filled with hatred as she watched.

Yang Lin was so satisfied with Sun Jingfei.

‘Whether she was just talking nicely on the surface or not, at least this was clear to see.

As she thought about Yang Lins attitude towards her, Lu Qi could not stop her fingers, which were on the wall, from holding it forcefully.

She was filled with hatred.

“Mom, dont you know your own son Am I someone like that” He Zhengbai said as he smiled.

Lu Qi sneered.

He Zhengbai was putting on a good act.

Just going by his face, whod suspect he was such a son of a b*tch!

Just as she thought that, she saw He Zhengbai turn to look at Sun Jingfei, smiling as their eyes met.

The gentle and affectionate look seemed harmonious.

Back then, He Zhengbai also looked at her with this kind of gentle expression and eyes.

Lu Qi was furious, and she forgot that before her, He Zhengbai also looked at Lu Man with the same eyes and expression.

Then, she saw Yang Lin take out a box, which was as big as a palm, for Sun Jingfei.

“Jingfei, its your first time visiting.

This is a gift for you.”

Sun Jingfei said immediately, “Auntie, youre being too polite.”

Yang Lin smiled and said, “Were going to become a family soon.

Why are you being so courteous with me”

Sun Jingfei accepted it as she blushed and said, “Thank you, Auntie.”

He Qingyangs face was also filled with joy.

His usual serious face, which made him seem difficult to approach, could not be seen at all.

He looked friendly and kind.

“Jingfei, I am not complimenting Zhengbai just because I am his father.

Dont worry, you did not make the wrong choice marrying him.”

“Iknow.” Sun Jingfei smiled and said, “Zhengbai is really a good man.”

Yang Lin smiled and jokingly complained about He Qingyang.

“Who praises his own son like that”

He Qingyang did not mind and laughed.

“I am just worried that Zhengbai wont be able to get a girl as good as Jingfei.”

Sun Jingfei was blushing from their words, and she lowered her head in embarrassment.

However, it could be seen that she was overjoyed.

“Jingfei, your uncles concer is also my concern.

You dont know that our Zhengbai is… aye! I believe you have seen the news from before.

However, there are only a few news that can be believed nowadays.

It was just the journalists perspectives.

Our Zhengbai is not like what the news says.

“Furthermore, when he broke up with Lu Man, its Lu Man who brought it up..”

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