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In the end, she hung up with a smile on her face, extremely happy.

Old Madam Han: “…”

Her second daughter-in-law forgot everything after being praised by her grandson.

She was so easy to distract.

“No, we cant let that happen.” The Old Madam suddenly stood up.

“Quickly pack up, well leave tomorrow morning.”

“Youre in such a hurry” Thats too rushed, right

“We need to leave before Zhuoli comes,” Old Madam Han started to pack as soon as she finished saying that, “It would be nice if before Zhuoli comes over we can go back to B City, and make it such that he cant meet us here.”

“Mom, you can hide for one or two days, but you cant always keep hiding from him, right” Shen Nuo saw the Old Madam was in such a hurry, already having packed half of her things in such a short time.

“We need to delay as much as possible, if we delay it long enough, we can pretend that this problem has already passed,” Old Madam Han said.

Helpless, Shen Nuo also went to pack up her luggage.

Shen Nuo then gave Han Xijins assistant a call, having him book a car.

The two of them left the small city early in the morning, heading for the airport in Kunming City.

After taking a direct flight of more than 4 hours of travel time, they finally reached the B City airport in the afternoon.

Old Madam Han massaged her own waist.

“Aiyo, my waist cant take such long flights anymore.”

The two of them then took their luggage, but who knew as soon as they came out they would see Han Zhuoli standing outside.

The Old Madam stood still like she had been struck by lightning, “You little brat, why are you here!”

“Of course, I came to pick you up.” Han Zhuoli smiled and walked over, taking their luggage from them.

Old Madam Han asked, confused, “Arent you going to South Yunnan”

“Dont joke, I still need to work, even if I want to go, I need to wait for the weekends,” Han Zhuoli pulled the luggage, walking in between Old Madam Han and Shen Nuo, “If I didnt say that earlier, how could I make you two come back, right”

Old Madam Han: “…”

Shen Nuo: “…”

“You unfilial grandson, you even trick your Grandma!” Old Madam Han was so furious that she took her bag and hit Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli did not evade it and went ‘aiyo ‘ a few times just to humor her.

“The two of you went there and caused quite a lot of trouble for my Man Man, right”

Old Madam Han pursed her lips.

“Of course not! Are we that kind of unreasonable people”

“I know, both Grandma and Mom are reasonable people, not the kind of people who only care about status and money.”

“You little rascal, stop trying to brainwash us!” Although Old Madam Han said that, the corner of her lips could not help but curve up a little.

Han Zhuoli smiled proudly.

“How was it, your first time meeting with Man Man, did you find her as a good girl”

“A bit.” Old Madam Han was stubborn.

Shen Nuo smiled lightly, not saying anything.

But looking at her expression, Han Zhuoli knew for sure that Lu Man had managed to pass Shen Nuos initial test.

If she really did not like her on the first impression, Shen Nuo would definitely say it, and not hide it.


On Friday, Lu Man had already gotten used to the pace of the production group.

But at the same time, her state was not as good as when she came here.

On the first day she came, the truth was, filming was not especially tiring, it was probably because Sun Yiwu wanted to let her adjust first.

Later on, when the action scenes began, every day, she had to wake up before sunrise, and go to the set for her makeup and then shoot from morning to night.

It was impossible to not have any injuries at all.

Today, after filming continuously till three in the afternoon, everyone took a short break.

“Everyone, come and drink some coffee, I just ordered coffee,” Bai Shuangshuang announced with pride.

The temperature was just turning colder, and they were lucky to be able to hold a hot coffee in their hands, warming them


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