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Chapter 2888: Went Dead Still

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It was as though she was a cannibal; she bit He Zhengbais ear with all her strength.

She was so filled with hatred and anger that she forgot the pain of being burned.

She put all her focus on her mouth, wanting to bite off He Zhengbais ear.

As Lu Qi bit, she used all her strength to tear it.

He Zhengbais ear was really torn off.

Blood emerged from his ear and flowed down.

He Zhengbai felt the agony coming from his ear.

He could not even feel the blood flowing on his face.

“ah!” screamed He Zhengbai in pain.

“Let go! Let go!”

Lu Qi was behind He Zhengbai; even if He Zhengbai wanted to hit her, it was impossible.

For one, he could not exert any strength.

Lu Qi was covered in flames.

He Zhengbai was still made out of flesh and blood, so how would he dare to touch her

After a while, He Zhengbais body was also covered in flames.

He Zhengbai did not care about whether Lu Qi died anymore; he just wanted to escape.

However, how could Lu Qi let him escape

She kept dragging He Zhengbai inside while tearing at his ear.

Lu Qi suddenly felt that the strength in her mouth had weakened.

She was biting something and could even taste the thick taste of blood.

Subconciously, she tore He Zhengbais ear off.

“Ah!” He Zhengbai let out a shrill scream.

His voice broke as he went into agony.

Lu Qi spit out He Zhengbais ear.

He Zhengbai crashed onto the floor.

“Ugh!” Lu Qi also crashed.

Her back crashed onto the sea of flames, and in front, she was pressed on by He Zhengbai.

She felt that she was going to be smashed.

She could not bear it anymore and let go.

He Zhengbai immediately crawled towards the door.

Lu Qi wanted to chase after him, but she could no longer do so.

Her legs were burned to a crisp and she could not move an inch.

The flames reached her chest and burned her throat.

She could not speak anymore.

Lu Qi lay in the sea of flames, tilting her head and seeing a faint figure.

She saw He Zhengbai up in flames but still trying to crawl outwards.

He finally crawled out successfully.

Lu Qi suddenly wanted to laugh, but she realized that she could not laugh anymore.

The next second, her eyes went dead still and she was engulfed by the flames.

He Zhengbai had just gotten out when he rolled on the ground, using the sand and the rocks to extinguish the fire on him.

He had not rolled out too far.

In the house, the flames had reached the gas.

With a bang, the house exploded.

He Zhengbai flew very far due to the shockwave from the explosion.

He Zhengbai escaped, luckily.

However, it was uncertain whether it was better that he managed to escape or just died.

Perhaps it was a natural survival instinct.

He Zhengbai did not have time to think too much.

He just wanted to save his life.

But after he saved his life, there was only unending agony left for him.

The flames and the sound of explosion drew the attention of the people around.

They immediately called the police.

The firefighters and the police both came.

The firefighters were extinguishing the fire while the police called 120, sending He Zhengbai to the hospital for emergency treatment.

He Zhengbais face was beyond recognition; nobody could recognize him.

His clothes were already burned to a crisp.

His whole body was black.

A few pieces of cloth stuck to his body.

Having combined with the blood and flesh, they could not be torn off.

But now, He Zhengbai was already unconcious and could not feel any pain.

The cloth on his body was already stuck together with the blood and it was completely black..

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