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Chapter 2893: When She Saw the Two of Them, Her Face Changed Instantly

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Even if he escaped death, he would live in agony.

The pain of the skin being burned and of the rehabilitation.

It was possible that he would not need rehabilitation.

His whole body had been destroyed.

Just by looking at He Zhengbai, they could feel his pain.

Once He Zhengbai woke up, they did not know whether he could bear this agony.

Would he think that it was better to die

Yang Lin almost cried tears of blood.

The ICU ward could not be entered at will, so Yang Lin guarded the entrance.

Luckily, she still had some common sense and did not fight with He Qingyang in the hospital.

However, in her heart, she resented He Qingyang.

Although it was He Zhengbai who first mentioned killing Lu Qi, he was her son and she understood him too well.

He Zhengbai always talked big.

He said that he could, but if he was asked to take action, He Zhengbai would not have the courage.

There must be people supporting and pushing him, forcing him to do it, and only then would he do it.

And He Qingyang was the person who was supporting and pushing him.

Since He Zhengbai was young, it was He Qingyang who had pushed him to do these cruel things, forcing him to do them.

If He Qingyang had not talked about burning Lu Qi, which had not allowed He Zhengbai to go back on his word… although He Zhengbai was cruel with his words, in reality, he would never do such a dangerous thing.

He Zhengbai loved himself.

He Qingyang and He Zhengsong went to the office and only Yang Lin was there.

Yang Lin was disappointed by the heartlessness of He Qingyang and He Zhengsong.

He Zhengbai was already in this state, but the two were still in the mood to go to the office and take care of their work.

Could the company not survive without the two of them

Even if the two could not leave, then could at least one of them come

Could it be that their existence were so important to the company that not even one of them could leave

If so, whenever the two went on a business trip, why did the company not go into any trouble

Yang Lin was utterly disappointed.

He Zhengbai was in trouble!

Their own son and own younger brother.

But in the eyes of these two people, there were only benefits.

‘When Han Zhuoli and Lu Man came, Yang Lin was looking through the tiny window on the door.

The head nurse, who led the way, said to Han Zhuoli and Lu Man, “Its there.”

Seeing Yang Lin, Lu Man already knew.

Before Xia Qingwei and Lu Qiyuan divorced, Yang Lin always came to their house to hang out Xia Qingwei.

She even brought He Zhengbai along, intending to make He Zhengbai and Lu Man a match.

Although they were still young back then, Yang Lin already wanted to let them develop feelings.

After Xia Qingwei and Lu Qiyuan divorced, Xia Qingyang entered the Lu family.

Lu Man became an outsider in the Lu family and was despised.

After that, Xia Qingwei got sick and Yang Lin stopped contacting her.

She even blacklisted Xia Qingweis contact, afraid that Xia Qingwei would ask to borrow money from her.

Both Xia Qingwei and Lu Man would not come and find Yang Lin.

Yang Lin was immoral in her heart.

However, Yang Lins action was really disappointing.

After something happened, she immediately broke off the relationship.

‘As Yang Lin always went to the Lu residence when Lu Man was young, Lu Man was not unfamiliar with Yang Lin, so she recognized her with one glance.

Seeing Yang Lin leaning on the window and looking inside, she knew that He Zhengbai was not doing well.

‘When Han Zhuoli and Lu Man came near, Yang Lin saw them.

She turned her head, and when she saw the two of them, her face changed instantly..

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