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Chapter 2895: Someone Who Knew Everything

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When He Zhengbai was with Lu Man, he cheated with Lu Qi and abandoned Lu Man.

Was it such a big deal that Han Zhuoli had to hate him so much

Han Zhuoli did not want to say too much to her.

He suspected that Lu Qis death was because of He Zhengbai.

But he would not say it out loud and alert Yang Lin.

‘Who knew what the He family would do when they go crazy

If they hurt Lu Man, then he would regret it.

So he left with Lu Man.

On the way, Lu Man was silent the whole time, as if she was thinking about something.

Han Zhuoli remembered that back at the office, when Lu Man heard about Lu Qi and He Zhengbai, she also went silent for a while.

Now, after seeing He Zhengbai, she was silent again.

“What are you thinking about” Han Zhuoli asked her.

Lu Man frowned.

“I am thinking about Lu Qis death.

The police suspect that its He Zhengbai who killed Lu Qi.

I think so too.

“Lam thinking, in the past life, its He Zhengbai and Lu Qi who caused the fire, wanting to bum me to death.

In this life, is it because He Zhengbai and Lu Qi fought and Lu Qis existence ruined He Zhengbais benefits, so He Zhengbai killed Lu Qi

“Lam curious about how Lu Qi got in He Zhengbais way such that it made him want to kill her.

Although in the end, he did not have a good ending as he was also burned to such a tragic state, this does not prove that He Zhengbai is innocent.

“If [have to say it, 1am leaning more towards the theory that He Zhengbai planned to burn Lu Qi to death.

However, Lu Qi wont wait to be burned without resisting.

In the process, He Zhengbai was also burned.

This can also explain why his ear was torn off.

Its probably bitten off by Lu Qi.”

Lu Man paused.

She could not help but think about how she also bit Lu Qis ear in the flames in her past life.

Now, it seemed like she and Lu Qi were really sisters.

Even their resistance in their last moments was the same.

“I think so too.” Han Zhuoli nodded.

“All thats left is to find the evidence that this was done by He Zhengbai.”

This was the polices responsibility.

“Lets hear from Zheng Tianming about what He Zhengbai has been doing recently to make him think that Lu Qi was in the way,” said Han Zhuoli.

‘When Lu Man heard this, she felt that in Han Zhuolis heart, Zheng Tianming was someone who knew everything.

‘The two returned to the Han Corporation.

‘When they were at the entrance to Han Zhuolis office, they passed by Zheng Tianmings space.

Zheng Tianming stood up and was about to greet the two when Han Zhuoli said, “Follow us in.”

Zheng Tianmings heart jumped, and he wondered if he did anything wrong in his work.

In reality, in all the years that he had followed Han Zhuoli, Zheng Tianming had never done anything wrong in his work.

With uncertainty in his mind, Zheng Tianming followed Han Zhuoli and Lu Man into the office.

Just as the door closed, Han Zhuoli asked, “What was He Zhengbai busy doing previously”

Zheng Tianming staggered.

Han Zhuolis question was a little broad.

Zheng Tianming also could not confirm which aspect regarding He Zhengbai was Han Zhuoli asking about.

Seeing Zheng Tianmings confusion, Lu Man pondered for a while and said, “For example, in terms of relationship What was he busy doing in terms of his private life”

Lu Man asked in this way because she knew that He Zhengbai did not have any skills or capability..

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