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Chapter 2900 Was This His Hallucination

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He Qingyang said almost the same thing as his assistant.

What they said matched, so the police could not do anything.

Even if they wanted to accuse He Qingyang of being an accomplice, they could not.

Everything had to wait for He Zhengbai to wake up.

However, He Zhengbai was so severely injured that even if he woke up, he might not be able to speak.

[t was uncertain whether his throat was hurt.


At night, He Zhengbais face was still covered by an oxygen mask.

He twitched slightly.

His eyebrows and eyelashes had been burned off by the fire.

They could not be seen with all the bandages covering him anyway.

n the dark, his eyelids twitched with difficulty as he gradually opened his eyes.

He was unsure whether the drugs given to him when he was severely wounded caused him to have hallucinations.

The moment he opened his eyes, he could vaguely see a person standing by the bed.

His eyes could not open fully.

His eyelids hurt.

The pain felt like he was being burned and cut by a knife at the same time.

He passed out previously, so he did not feel it.

ow that he was conscious, whenever his eyelids moved, he was in agony.

He Zhengbai could not see himself from the perspective of a bystander.

Or else, he would have discovered that although he felt that he was blinking, from the perspective of a bystander, the movement of his eyelids would not be discernible.

This was because his eyelids were swollen; on top of them were wounds left by blisters, which had popped.

They were covered in bandages after ointment was applied.

He thought that he was opening his eyes, but actually, he had just opened a tiny slit.

Whenever his eyelids moved slightly, He Zhengbai felt that it was so painful that he would rather die.

This was excruciating.

ow that he had consciousness, he felt the agony from the burns throughout his whole body.

ow, his body could not even move; it was like every pore on his skin was being burned by fire.

He returned back to the agony of being burned by the huge fire in that sample house.

He Zhengbai wanted to scream, but just as he wanted make a sound, his throat felt like it was being cut by a knife and was being torn apart.

He could not even make a bit of noise.

He Zhengbai was terrified.

What should he do given the state he was in!

He did not dare to blink, but it was impossible for his eyelids to remain stationary.

Even if he tried to hold it, there would also be times when he could not hold it anymore and he would blink.

Every time this happened, he would be in agony.

He Zhengbai squinted, feeling that someone stood at the foot of the bed.

He Zhengbai opened his mouth but he could not make a sound.

He did not know who was standing at the foot of the bed.

erhaps it was his mother

He Zhengbai did not know that Yang Lin was waiting outside the ward right now.

ff someone looked inside the ward, they would find out that only He Zhengbai was in the ward.

However, He Zhengbai clearly saw the figure at the foot of the bed.

As his consciousness became clearer, the pain in his body intensified.

But the figure at the foot of the bed also became clearer.

He Zhengbai watched.

Suddenly, the figure moved.

The figure was slowly moving towards him.

it was moving really slowly, and its movements seemed strange.

As though it was lame, it limped towards him.

Finally, He Zhengbai saw the figure in front of him clearly.

The person in front was completely black, and amid this blackness, blisters filled the whole body.

When it walked closer, He Zhengbai even smelled petrol.

Was this his hallucination .

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