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Chapter 2904 Are You Still Human

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Everything was going well, and then her son was just gone all of a sudden.

He Zhengbai was still so young, how… how could he die

Yang Lin sat on the floor, crying.

“Try to save him again, save him again! My son can still be saved, he can still be saved!

“Save him again! He is still so young!” Yang Lin pulled on the doctors white coat.

“Maybe he can still be saved! Dont give up so quickly! Try again, try again!”

“Sorry, but we did our best,” said the doctor.

“I am sorry for your loss.”

With difficulty, the doctor pulled out his white coat from Yang Lins hands.

Yang Lin wanted to continue pestering him, but she was stopped by the nurses.

The nurses could not do anything.

They could only comfort Yang Lin.

When Yang Lin finally accepted this truth, she gave He Qingyang a phone call.

“Zhengbai… is dead…”

When He Qingyang heard this news, his first reaction was to let out a sigh of relief.

Like this, the police would have no clues and would not be able to trouble him anymore.

However, what followed after was the sadness of losing his son.

However, He Qingyang was not as emotional as Yang Lin.

He was sad, but he was prepared.

During this time, it actually became easy to accept.

He lost his youngest son, but he still had his eldest son He Zhengsong.

“I will head over now and call Zhengsong over too,” said He Qingyang.

Yang Lin burst into loud sobs.

“Why are you so calm! Its Zhengbai, our son, he is dead! Its because of you! You forced him to go! Now its all good, even the troublesome Zhengbai is dead! That Lu Qi is a scourge! Shes

already dead, but she still had to take away Zhengbais life!

“How nice would it have been if she died by herself! She just had to drag Zhengbai down! When she was alive, she did not help Zhengbai a single bit, but when she died, she had to drag others down! I hate her! I hate


He Qingyang heard how noisy she was during the call and asked immediately, “Where are you now”

“I am at the hospital! Where else can | be” said Yang Lin, wailing.

n which part of the hospital are you making so much noise!” asked He Qingyang softly.

“You are yelling so loudly, arent you scared that others will know”

He Qingyang! Are you still human! Zhengbai died so miserably and painfully! Look at what he became from the burns! You can still worry about others knowing right now!” Yang Lin was filled with rage.

f youre afraid that others will know, you shouldnt have forced Zhengbai! Now youre scared Your son is dead but you dont feel anything.

You dont feel sad and only think about your own matters.”

“What nonsense are you talking about! How can I not be sad about Zhengbai dying! Stop yelling! Lets talk when we arrive,” said He Qingyang.

Yang Lin pursed her lips in disappointment.

After talking for so long, He Qingyang was still afraid that people would know about him from her yelling.

“Dont worry, I am not you.

You would rather betray Zhengbai to save yourself, but I wont betray you,” said Yang Lin weakly.

“When did I betray Zhengbai” He Qingyang was unhappy.

“I know that Zhengbai died, and in such a painful way.

Youre suffering inside and cant accept the truth now.

You want to vent your anger towards me Sure.

But you cant accuse me of something I didnt do.

“Zhengbai is also my son.

I had hopes for him.

How can I not be sad about him dying But you keep attacking my wound.

Youre able to release your anger, but what about me Am | allowed to feel better”.

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