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Chapter 2905 I Want to Visit Xia Qingyang

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“Heh.” Yang Lin sneered in disappointment.

“You really think I dont know When the police asked your assistant to accept the investigation, he specifically asked you for your opinion.

You really think I dont know

about that phone call You think you deceived me

“You asked him to push all the responsibility to Zhengbai.

You were thinking that because Zhengbai is severely injured, even if he didnt die, he wont be able to recover in a short time.

If he died, then it would be better,

you can push all the charges to him with no worries.

You can use anyone for your own sake!

“You would go to any lengths when dealing with others, but I didnt expect you to be so ruthless even to your own family.

Every one of us in the family, we have to prioritize your benefits first, isnt that so

“Dont worry, I wont tell others about this.” Yang Lin was afraid that she had pressured He Qingyang and made him impatient, which might cause him to attack her.

Yang Lin had found out that the person she slept with was such an evil person.

The human heart was really scarier than a ghost.

After living together with He Qingyang for a few decades, she had finally seen his true colors now.

But Yang Lin would rather not have seen it.

At least then, she would not be so terrified.

After finding out He Qingyangs true colors, she was always fearful, unsure of when she would be betrayed by He Qingyang.

Could she continue living this life

“Zhengbai is no longer here, I cant lose you too.

Its just that this matter disappointed me,” said Yang Lin.

“If I can go back in time, I would definitely stop Zhengbai from doing this.

As long as he is alive, everything else

can be slowly planned.”

He Qingyang sighed.

“I will be there soon.”


He Qingyang and He Zhengsong arrived at the hospital.

There was no need to mention how they were with Yang Lin.

Anyway, He Zhengbai was already dead.

The only family members left were here.

Even if Yang Lin had resentment, she could not ask He Qingyang to die with He Zhengbai, who was already dead.

So the matter regarding He Zhengbai was left unresolved.

Yang Lin was the saddest over He Zhengbais death.

Although she complained, she had still chosen to sacrifice He Zhengbai.

Lu Man heard that He Zhengbai did not make it and died in the end.

Lu Man kept quiet for a while.

Han Zhuoli thought that Lu Man was a little sad because of He Zhengbais death.

Unexpectedly, after being silent for a while, Lu Man said, “I want to visit Xia Qingyang.”

Han Zhuoli was confused, so Lu Man explained, “In the past life, 1 was framed and went to jail.

As my mom was not well, | asked Tang Zi to take care of her and to hide the fact that I was in jail, telling her that I was sent

overseas for eight years, unable to come back.

“Whether my mom believed it or not, at least it gave her hope.

She could look forward to each day as she waited for me to return.

She could have a source of hope and support to ensure she took care of her own body,”

said Lu Man.

“However, just when I was about to come out, Xia Qingyang brought Lu Qi along and went to my mom, telling her that I wasnt away for work but was in jail because I killed someone.

My mom was shocked and she

became sick, causing her to pass… pass away…” Lu Mans eyes were bloodshot.

“Even if my mom is fine in this life, I cant forget the pain from the past life.

I had finally gotten out of jail, and I went to find my mom the moment I came out.

However, I was told by the neighbors that my mom was


They told me how my mom had died.”.

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