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Chapter 2909 I Dont Believe It!

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She entered this place resolutely.

But after calming down in here, she realized that it was Lu Qi who had put her in here.

In order to marry He Zhengbai, Lu Qi had used this as a trade and put her in jail.

Lu Qi was even willing to sacrifice her own parents to reach her own goal.

Time passed slowly while Xia Qingyang was in prison, and it was as though she could not see the end.

She thought about how much she had sacrificed for Lu Qi, but Lu Qi did not even come to visit her.

She could not help but feel disheartened.

But she did not expect Lu Qi to die with her none the wiser.

And she died such a terrible death!

Now, she no longer felt disheartened, she only felt heartbroken.

She grabbed the prison guard and asked, “Did… did someone switch the newspaper”

The prison guard was confused.

“How can a newspaper that was sent in be switched Whats the use of switching newspapers This is todays evening paper!”

“Impossible! Impossible!” Xia Qingyang held on to the prison guard.

“Its Lu Man and Han Zhuoli.

They sent in a fake newspaper to crush me!”

The prison guard knew about the relationship between Xia Qingyang and Lu Man, so she understood Xia Qingyangs words.

She said, “Would they do such a troublesome thing just to crush you Since you know that Han Zhuoli has this power, then you should know there are easier ways available to him.

Why would he use such a tortuous


However, Xia Qingyang would rather believe that this was done by Han Zhuoli and Lu Man.

The prison guard looked clearly at the news that Xia Qingyang was pointing at and said, “The news on this newspaper is true.

There was already news about it on the internet two days ago.”

“No, I dont believe it!” Xia Qingyang had an expression full of despair.

She wanted to find Lu Qi once she had gotten out of jail.

She wanted to reunite with Lu Qi.

Lu Qialso said that she would wait!

When the prison guard saw Xia Qingyangs state, she pitied her.

She sighed and said, “Come with me.

Because youre a special case, I allow you to search it online.”

The prison guard brought Xia Qingyang to the computer room.

The computer room was opened for an hour every week so that the criminals could learn some computing knowledge.

Once they were out, they would have some skills.

They would at least not be clueless about everything and be behind the times.

There was no computer class today, so the prison guard made an exception to open the computer room for Xia Qingyang.

“Search it online yourself.

If you think that Han Zhuoli and Lu Man specially printed a newspaper just to get on your nerves…” The prison guard wanted to comment about how egotistical she was.

Did she know how troublesome this was

However, she remembered that Xia Qingyang had lost a daughter.

The prison guard also pitied her.

“Check it online yourself.

There are so many news articles.

Han Zhuoli cant switch every single one of them for you,” said the prison guard.

Xia Qingyang turned on the computer.

The computer was slightly older, so it was still the heavy, boxy type.

It also took a long time to turn on.

After a while, it finally did.

The computer only had Explorer as its browser.

Xia Qingyang clicked on it immediately and searched the keyword “Lu Qi.”

Before she even typed the word “fire,” she saw the many related searches automatically drop down from the search box.

Among them were “Lu Qi fire,” “Lu Qi died in explosion,” “Lu Qis death,” and others.

After only “Lu Qi” was typed, all the related searches were about Lu Qis death.

Xia Qingyang randomly picked one and saw that a few famous web portals had news related to Lu Qis death.

Xia Qingyang clicked the website that she always used to check the news..

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