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Chapter 2913 It Was Better to Sit Down

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They would keep saying such things while having the meal.

Even Jiang Yujie would not be able to take it.

She was good-hearted and wanted to bring the two out for them to relax and enjoy.

Whod have expected that this meal would be frustrating for Jiang Yujie and would not make Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang feel at ease

They felt distressed with every bite they took.

So Jiang Yujie did not dare to take them out for meals anymore.

So many years after that incident, this was their first time eating out.

And it was at a restaurant that had such a good environment.

From the moment they entered the restaurant, Mr.

Jiang started whispering to Mrs.

Jiang, “How expensive is this place Why does Huaizhou not know how to save money

This is a time for him to start a business.

How can he come out to waste money”

Jiang Yujie was really worried that the two would say that to Jiang Huaizhou when they entered the room later.

After all, Jiang Huaizhou was excited to have a meal with them.

It would affect his mood if Mr.

Jiang dampened his enthusiasm the moment he entered.

In the end, before Jiang Yujie could warn them, the two had entered the room already.

Then she heard Mr.

Jiang say, “Why did you want to eat out all of a sudden With one look, I know that this place is expensive.

Youre starting a business, so how can you

waste money”

Jiang Huaizhou chuckled without minding it and said, “Thats because I made a profit from my first big investment.

Before that, I kept trying to understand the current


After testing the waters a few times, I found out that its not bad, so I tried it out with a big one.

The profit this time let me know what Im doing.

“After all, its the first time that I had such a good result, so I wanted to treat you guys to a meal to celebrate,” said Jiang Huaizhou.

“Even so, you didnt have to go to such an expensive restaurant.

You can tell us and well prepare at home.

Its all the same,” said Mrs.


“Its different.

This is Big Brothers good gesture, not wanting you guys to busy yourselves.

If we ate at home, you would have to cook since Big Brother doesnt know how.

How can that be considered a treat Is it counted as a treat if he just paid for the groceries” said Jiang Yujie.

“But this is too wasteful,” muttered Mrs.


“Mon, its a good thing that Big Brother has earned money.

This means that it will only get better from here,” said Jiang Yujie.

“This is a nice gesture.

Besides, weve already

made reservations.

Its useless to say anything now.

Its better to sit down and enjoy.

“And its just this one time.

Big Brother has earned his first profit and this is memorable.

So we have to come out and celebrate.

He wont celebrate every time he makes a

profit.” Jiang Yujie gave Jiang Huaizhou a look.

“Brother, am I right”

Jiang Huaizhou nodded instantly.

“Yes, this is just a gesture.

Dad, Mom, stop rejecting it and sit down.

Lets have a meal together.

Mom is always busy every day.

You should

rest today and give yourself a holiday.”


Jiang finally agreed.

But after Mr.

Jiang sat down, he said, “Even then, you didnt have to reserve a private room.

Its the same if we ate in the hall.”

Jiang Huaizhou sighed.

“Dad, if we eat here, its just the four of us; we can say anything openly and will feel more at ease.

“Dad, its my bad.

When I was in prison, you guys suffered outside, so youre thrifty and are reluctant to spend money.” Jiang Huaizhou continued, “Dont worry, I am not


But I will come out once in a while to regulate my life.

Dad, Mom, I am not feeling arrogant just because I earned some money, forgetting who I am.

Dont worry, our

days will only get better from now on.” .

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