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Chapter 2921 Did Something Happen

“Nothing will be delayed even if I go find you.” “See If I say it, youll come and find me for sure.” Jiang Yujie smiled.

“I dont want that.

Brother, youre not just using a computer, youre also building a company.

How can it be like you said, a simple matter of having a computer and a phone

“Just let me have some peace by myself, please”

“What do you need the peace for” Jiang Huaizhou was confused.

“What are you hiding from me”

“Brother, youve got to let me keep my little secrets.

I cant tell you everything, now, can I” Jiang Yujie couldnt keep the child-like tone from her voice.

Itd only come out in front of Jiang Huaizhou.

He was defenseless against her being like this.

However, Jiang Huaizhous attention was all on Jiang Yujie on the screen, and he did not notice his fathers expression.

Successfully keeping Jiang Huaizhou mum, Jiang Yujie quickly said, “Dad, Mom, Brother, the planes about to liftoff.

Im hanging up.”

“Wait!” Mrs.

Jiang called out.

“Youll at least call us when you arrive, right”

Jiang Yujie bit her lip, nodding hesitantly.

“Yes, Ill contact you guys.

I really gotta go.”

With that, Jiang Yujie quickly hung up without waiting for further questions.

For one, she really couldnt continue talking to them.

Secondly, the plane was truly about to take off.

After the call, the relaxed atmosphere around the Jiang family turned heavy.

Jiang Huaizhou also lost his appetite.

Jiang Yujie said shes grown and could take care of herself.

Indeed, in the two years he had spent in jail, unable to look after her, didnt Jiang Yujie manage to live well enough on her own

But that was different.

In the past two years, Jiang Yujie was always in B City, her home.

But now, shed be alone in foreign places.

Moreover, no matter how old Jiang Yujie was, she would always be a little girl in Jiang Huaizhous heart.

How could he relax now that shes alone outside

The meal was finished hurriedly.

Jiang Yujies sudden departure was too unexpected for the three.

Especially Jiang Huaizhou.

When it was almost dinner time, Mrs.

Jiang was still anxious.

“Why hasnt Yujie called No matter how far it is, she shouldve arrived there by now.”

“Why dont you try calling” suggested Mr.


“Okay.” Mrs.

Jiang dialed her number.

In the end, her phone was switched off.

“This… Why did she switch off her phone” Mrs.

Jiang panicked.

“Did something happen”

Just then, her phone rang.

It was an unknown number.


Jiang did not recognize it and assumed it was some advertiser of some sort.

But the app installed on her phone did not notify her that it was an advertised call.

Thus, she picked it up.


“Mom, its me.” Jiang Yujies voice came from the phone.

“I… I dont want Dad and Brother to know this number.

Ive changed it.”

“You…” Mrs.

Jiangs expression changed and she immediately went to the kitchen.

She closed the door and turned on the range hood.

“Im alone now.

Yujie, are you in danger So you couldnt tell me outright” “Oh.

No,” Jiang Yujie replied.

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