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Chapter 2926 No Matter What She Chose, It Was a Dilemma


Jiang wept as she shook her head.


Jiang sighed.

“I have already said so much.

Let me be the bad guy.

If Yujie must hate someone, let her hate me.

“Anyway, I have already forced her away.

I dont mind being the bad guy one more time,” said Mr.

Jiang softly and weakly.

“How can she hate you You know that Yujie will never hate you in her whole life, or else she wont have decided to leave.

She wanted you to be at ease.” Mrs.

Jiang cried.

“I owe her,” said Mr.

Jiang softly.

“Yujie has never owed me anything.

From the start to the end, its me who owes her.

I thought… I was good to her, but in reality, Im not good to her at all…”

“Dad…” Jiang Huaizhou called out.

“Just tell me.

Dont leave me in the dark.

I dont even know what Yujie did for me.

“If I dont know anything at all, then fine.

But I know that theres clearly something going on here.

if I pretend that I dont know, will I still be human Is this right” Jiang Huaizhou looked at Mr.

Jiang and Mrs.



Jiang covered her mouth, sobbing heavily.

She also felt conflicted.

She wanted to tell Jiang Huaizhou, but could Jiang Yujie take it

However, if she did not tell Jiang Huaizhou, he would never know Jiang Yujies sacrifices for him.

Because of this, Mrs.

Jiang did not say anything.

No matter what she chose, it was a dilemma.

She covered her mouth as tears flowed down her cheeks.


Jiang took a deep breath and exhaled shakily.

“As the evidence… evidence was with Lu Qiyuan, Yujie had to get close to him.

So Yujie became his assistant.

Then… she realized that with her being just an assistant, she would not be able to gain his trust and obtain the most confidential stuff.

She… she and Lu Qiyuan…”


Jiang could not finish.

But Jiang Huaizhou already understood.

His eyes were red and tears welled up in his eyes.

“If… If back then, I hadnt told Yujie that I was framed, she wouldnt have done all these things,” said Jiang Huaizhou, gritting his teeth.

“So what if I was in prison Wasnt it just a few more years of prison So what if I came out a few years late Why did I tell her such things” Jiang Huaizhou despised himself.

Since Mr.

Jiang had already said it, Mrs.

Jiang had nothing to hold back.

“She didnt allow us to say it because shes afraid that you would feel guilty.

She also… also wanted to have some dignity in front of you.

She didnt want you to feel that shes… shes unclean…” said Mrs.


“How is she unclean!” said Jiang Huaizhou with bloodshot eyes.

“Shes an idiot!”

“Even if its not Lu Qiyuan, if she dated someone else…” Jiang Huaizhou paused.

“Is that unclean too Its just an experience.

Who doesnt have a past or something that cant be known by others

“To make it clear, its me whos not worthy to appear in front of her.

She did this all for me.

What right do I have to have an opinion of her I cant even say that I dislike her because this will never happen.

It never will.

“I just hate myself for not protecting her.

Not only was I unable to protect her, but she even had to do those things that shes unwilling to remember for me,” said Jiang Huaizhou softly.

And in the end, Jiang Yujie had a home that she could not return to.

She gave all the money that she had saved to him and even left the house that she had already paid a years worth of rent for.

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