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Chapter 2934 As Long as Youre Happy, I Will Support You

Jiang Yujies mind was completely blank.

She heard only a few words of what Mrs.

Jiang had said.

She probably didnt even understand the gist of what she was saying.

“I heard what your dad said and I was furious, so I argued with him,” said Mrs.


“As we were arguing, we didnt keep our voices down, so Huaizhou heard it.

Under Huaizhous questioning, we could only… tell him.”


Jiang stopped nervously.

Then, she heard Jiang Yujies weak and ethereal voice.


Got it.

“Mom, I am doing well here,” said Jiang Yujie, completely ignoring the previous conversation.

“Dont worry, I wont overthink and do stupid things.

I am doing fine alone and I can take care of myself.

“Mom, believe me.

I am not a selfish person.

I did stupid things, suffered, and hurt myself.

Not living a good life, getting hurt, or even…” Jiang Yujie paused.

“If that really happens, I wont mind.”

After all, once a person was dead, it was over.

“But how sad would that make the loved ones left behind For you, I wont let myself get into trouble,” said Jiang Yujie.

“Dont worry.

“Yujie!” Hearing her say this, Mrs.

Jiang was even more worried.

“Yujie, listen to me.

If not for what your brother had said, I wouldnt have agreed to let Huaizhou know about you,” said Mrs.


Jiang Yujie listened silently.


Jiang gave Jiang Huaizhou a glance and took a deep breath.

“Huaizhou said he likes you.

He has always liked you.”

Jiang Yujies fingers, which were holding the phone, started trembling.

Her cheeks were a little flushed, but after a while, the red color faded.

“I… Ill let Huaizhou talk to you, okay This is between you two.

Me passing the message will never be as good as Huaizhou saying it himself,” said Mrs.


“But dont worry, Ive already expressed my opinion.

If you dont like him and only see him as an older brother, then you guys will be siblings forever.

“However, if you like him, no matter what, I will create a condition which can enable you guys to be together openly without anyone criticizing you.

I will also support you and will never be against you two.

“Im telling you this so you dont worry about me,” said Mrs.


“Yujie, my daughter, you have suffered so much and have been hurt so badly.

Thus, no matter what you want to do from now on, as long as youre happy, I will support you.

“Yujie, stop hurting yourself because you care about others.

As long as youre happy, then its fine, okay” said Mrs.


“Mom…” It seemed like Jiang Yujie did not expect Mrs.

Jiang to say this.

She was so surprised that she did not know what to say.

However, she still did not want to say anything to Jiang Huaizhou.


Jiang was right to worry.

Jiang Yujie was worried that Jiang Huaizhou only said that he liked her because of guilt.

He was probably worried that it would be hard for Jiang Yujie to start a family because of her past.

Thus, Jiang Huaizhou decided to take responsibility for Jiang Yujies future.

“Yujie, dont hang up,” urged Mrs.

Jiang, worried.

Jiang Yujie paused for a while and took a deep breath.

“Okay.” She also wanted to make it clear to Jiang Huaizhou.

She also liked him.

But there was no chance already.

“Yujie!” After hearing her agreement, Jiang Huaizhou spoke out impatiently.

“Yujie, you… I know everything.”

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