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Chapter 2936 Start Fresh

“Whether its our identities, our future matters, or whether its people talking about your past, everything youre worried about, leave them to me.”

“You will definitely regret it one day,” said Jiang Yujie softly.

“Youre not me, and you wont know what will happen in the future.

How can you be sure that I will regret it one day” asked Jiang Huaizhou.

“Or is it that you dont trust my character You think that I will regret it due to gossip and your past”

He asked, “Yujie, are you looking down on me”

“No!” said Yujie immediately.

“How can I not trust your character”

If Jiang Huaizhou was not great, why would she like him

“I dont like you because I feel guilty towards you.

I have liked you since the beginning.

I didnt dare to let you know because I was afraid that you only saw me as an older brother.

I would have scared you away if I told you.

“So I have never dared to tell you.” Jiang Huaizhou smiled bitterly.

“And after I got into trouble, all the more I couldnt tell you.

I couldnt be a burden to you.

I had lost my future already, so I couldnt keep holding on to you.

“I know you.

If I confessed to you while I was in prison, you would have gotten together with me without hesitation.

Because thats what youre like; you always try to give us whatever we want.

However, I wouldnt have been sure whether you were just returning the favor or whether you really liked me.

“I was also afraid that if I confessed to you, you would only have accepted me as repayment.

I know that when you entered our household when you were young, you felt anxious and uneasy.

I know that youre always grateful for the immediate acceptance Dad and I have shown.

Thus, no matter what we said, you would have accepted it.

“However, I didnt want a response out of gratitude or out of repayment,” said Jiang Huaizhou.

“It has been my hope that you will accept me because you really like me.

“But today, after I heard from Dad and Mom about what you did to save me, I confirmed your feelings for me.

At the same time, I felt regretful.

I would rather that you didnt like me and did not think about the good things I have done for you.

I would rather that you had been more selfish and had not done things that would bring harm to yourself.

“Yujie, I dont mind your past experiences.

To me, thats just a dating experience, and I dont feel disgusted.

So, look at your past like its a normal thing, okay” said Jiang Huaizhou.

Jiang Yujie did not think that Jiang Huaizhou also liked her.

She felt a little conflicted inside.

On one hand, she wanted to believe what Jiang Huaizhou said, that he really liked her and that he did not merely feel so guilty that he wanted to pay her back this way.

But on the other hand, she was still a little suspicious.

She was afraid that Jiang Huaizhou had said this on purpose to make her believe him.

However, when she heard that Jiang Huaizhou also liked her, Jiang Yujie could not help but feel excited.

Who would not like it when their own feelings got reciprocated

“Brother, you… Give me more time, okay” said Jiang Yujie.

“I want to completely get over my past,” she continued.

“So I came out to relax, completely get over my past, and start fresh.”

She said softly, “Brother, give me some time, okay”

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