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Chapter 2941 Its Painful Not Seeing You

Jiang Yuhan had also despised Lu Man.

Add to that, they were competitors.

However, that kind of bad competition would not cause Lu Man to do anything.

She would just be disgusted.

It wasnt until Jiang Yuhan had crossed the line that Lu Man took action.

She would not eliminate someone just because that person was impolite to her.

If it was so, then she would have too many enemies, and she would not be able to deal with all of them.

Han Zhuoling was afraid that there would be people who would make Shi Xiaoya unhappy without doing anything big.

Shi Xiaoya had to work here for a long time, and her work would already be tiring enough.

If her mood was ruined every day, then that would be awful.

“Hurry up and go back,” said Shi Xiaoya softly.

This place was very far from the city.

Han Zhuoling did not go to work just to send her here.

Shi Xiaoya knew that he had a lot of work at hand to deal with.

Looking at the time now, after Han Zhuoling returned to the office, he would definitely have to work overtime.

If she was not there, Han Zhuoling would not rush home.

He would definitely work for a very long time at the office.

So Shi Xiaoya also urged him worriedly, “Dont think that since you wont need to go back home early and be with me, you can keep working overtime.

Youd be like your old self, not knowing when to stop once you start.

You might as well live at the office then.”

“Okay.” Han Zhuoling smiled as he nodded, feeling warm inside.

In the past, nobody would have told him that.

In the past, he was not in the country, so even if Lin Liye wanted to supervise him, there was no way to do so.

They were in different time zones and not right in front of each other, so even if Lin Liye wanted to control him, she could not.

In addition, Xia Yixin would not care about how he was.

So nobody told him such things before

Now that he was being instructed earnestly by Shi Xiaoya, Han Zhuoling did not feel that she was naggy or controlling.

Instead, he felt overjoyed that Shi Xiaoya told him these; he felt warm.

“Dont worry.

Even when youre not with me, I will arrange my schedule properly.

I wont work to death like before,” said Han Zhuoling.

“If youre still worried, I can just video call you following the old schedule.

If youre working and cant pick up, I will send you a picture or a video.”

Yan Zhiqing felt bitter as she watched from the side.

These two people were literally forcing people to want to date.

A thick, stinky scent of love came from these two, suffocating the others.

But most importantly, these two were already husband and wife.

But they still behaved as though they were dating; it was too triggering.

If Yan Zhiqing was not trying her best to endure it, she would have separated them immediately.

After hearing Han Zhuolings promise, Shi Xiaoya could not help but laugh.

“Okay, then.

If I dont pick up, you should send a short video to me,” said Shi Xiaoya.

“Then you should also send one to me, or else itd be too painful not seeing you,” said Han Zhuoling softly.

If this was before, nobody would have expected Han Zhuoling to say these things.

Han Zhuoling would probably have felt ashamed and would not have been able to say


And as his face was serious and controlled, it was not suited to saying these cheesy words.

This scene could not even be imagined.

However, it seemed like Han Zhuoling was freeing himself more and more; he did not feel like what he said was cheesy or impactful to others at all.

Saying these words was like a piece of cake; he did not feel stressed at all.

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