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Chapter 2942 I Have Never Been Separated from You for So Long

However, although Han Zhuolings voice was not too loud when he was saying those things, it was not too soft either.

Wu Mosen, Writer Hu, and Yan Zhiqing were standing with them.

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling did not go to the side and whisper to each other.

At first, Shi Xiaoya thought that they were not going to say something that could not be heard by others, so she did not go to the side with Han Zhuoling.

Who knew that Han Zhuoling would say that it would be painful

And it was heard by Yan Zhiqing and the others.

Yan Zhiqings expression made it look like the world was ending.

She did not expect these kinds of words to come out from Han Zhuolings mouth.

Yes, she also heard Yan Beicheng and Lin Chu tell each other such things every day.

However, Yan Beicheng and Han Zhuoling did not have the same personality.

So though she was already used to the former…

After hearing Han Zhuoling say such a thing with a serious face, she felt unwell.

Shi Xiaoya blushed as she pulled Han Zhuoling to the side immediately.

“Every day, after I finish my work and its still early, I will video call you straight away.

But production crews working schedule has always been unstable, Im afraid, with people working from dawn until dusk.

Sometimes, to fulfill the requirement of the script, we have to shoot at night.

“So after I finish my work, it may be midnight already,” said Shi Xiaoya.

“At that time, youll be resting already.”

After Han Zhuoling heard this, he felt bad for her.

Shi Xiaoya urged him to rest properly and not to work without stopping.

In the end, Shi Xiaoya had to do that herself.

However, it was because Shi Xiaoya had to follow the production crews schedule; she could not control it herself.

So there was nothing to be done.

Han Zhuoling said, “No matter what time it is, whether its four or five in the morning or one or two at midnight, as long as youre done with work, video call me.

Dont worry about whether Im asleep.

“I will sleep first.

Once I hear the ringtone of your call, I will wake up.

Anyway, I have to see you and ask whether youre doing well with the production crew,” said Han Zhuoling.

Shi Xiaoya nodded.


Han Zhuoling thought for a while and said, “Anyway, its already getting late.

Should I just stay here Even if I go back to the office now, I cant work for long.”

Shi Xiaoyas eyes widened.

“Then wont you need to wake up very early tomorrow This place is far from the city, and its easy to get caught in a traffic jam in the morning.

You will have to leave extremely early.

You cant do that.

Itll be too tiring.

Go back today.

If you cant make it, then dont go to the office, just rest at home so you wont need to wake up early tomorrow.”

Anyway, Shi Xiaoya would not let Han Zhuoling rush here and there no matter what he said.

So Han Zhuoling could only give up on the idea of staying here.

“Then Ill come during the weekends.”

Shi Xiaoya could agree to that.

No matter what, even if Han Zhuoling was reluctant, he had to leave.

Shi Xiaoya sent Han Zhuoling to the car.

Han Zhuoling lowered the car window.

“Im leaving now.”

“Mhmm, stay safe on the road.

I dont have any work today anyway.

I officially start tomorrow.

So once youre back, call me,” said Shi Xiaoya.

“Okay,” Han Zhuoling agreed.

He stared at Shi Xiaoya without leaving.

Shi Xiaoya was blushing from his gaze.

Then she heard Han Zhuoling sigh.

“Haih, I have never been separated from you for so long.”

“Hearing you say this, I suddenly feel a little regretful taking this job.” Shi Xiaoya really felt a little regretful.

At first, her wish was to become an internationally-recognized makeup artist.

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