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Chapter 2948 Comforting Her or Triggering Her

Han Zhuofeng said, “Does that need to be specifically instructed by my big brother How can I not also take care of you”

Yan Zhiqing sneered.

“Your EQ is much higher than your big brothers.”

Han Zhuofeng then asked, “Can you say this again in front of him”

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

This was bullying, right

If she had the guts to say such a thing in front of Han Zhuoling, she would have said it just now when Han Zhuoling was still here.

Was she not just acting big in front of Han Zhuofeng

Why did Han Zhuofeng expose her! She only complimented him for having a high


Yan Zhiqing decided to take back her compliment.

Right after, Han Zhuofeng said, “Besides, how can my big brother ask me to take care of another woman Even if its you, he cant.

My big brother doesnt do this.”

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

Her eyes twitched.

“Your big brother is not here, so he asked you to complete his mission of showing off his affection” “Hmm How did you know” said Han Zhuofeng naturally, without feeling even a tiny hint of shame.

“My big brother specifically urged me to constantly remind everyone in the production crew about their relationship even if hes not here,” said Han Zhuofeng.

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

“Bye, I am full.

I dont want to eat any more.” Yan Zhiqing had a poker face as she waved her hand at Han Zhuofeng, turning around to return to her own room.

This inhumane world was filled with evil intentions towards single people.

And Han Zhuofeng was single himself, but he still triggered her like that; he was really not understanding at all.

“Zhiqing! Zhiqing!” Shi Xiaoya pulled her immediately.

“Dont go! Dont… dont stoop to the same level as my brother-in-law.”

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

Was Shi Xiaoya comforting her or triggering her

She had always just called Han Zhuofeng “Zhuofeng,” but now Shi Xiaoya was calling him “brother-in-law.” Was this not triggering to her

Yan Zhiqings expression was filled with grief and indignance.

“Xiaoya, you have also learned bad things from them.

Youre not the Xiaoya that I once knew.”

Shi Xiaoya blushed and said, embarrassed, “What… Zhuoling is not here and I miss him a lot, so I have to keep mentioning him to cure my lovesickness.

Only then can I feel like hes still close to me.”

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

She felt despair.

Shi Xiaoya was once such a kind girl.

Ever since she married into the Han Family, her style had been changed badly by them.

She became really bad!

Yan Zhiqing said that she was going to leave, but she was just saying it for fun.

In the end, she still had to go with Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng with a cramped expression.

Because of geographic reasons, there were not a lot of restaurants around.

There was a commercial district a little further away.

Previously, Wu Mosen had been following up with the building of the studio, so he was very familiar with the area already.

So he knew the roads around here quite well.

He reserved a restaurant in the commercial district nearby.

The restaurant was not huge, but it was grounded.

It was like a market with food stalls, but it also had private rooms.

It was a very good place for them to develop fellowship.

Because the restaurant was lively and not as formal as big restaurants, it was actually more suited for fostering fellowship and was easier to relax in.

Wu Mosen really valued harmony within the production crew.

When everyones relationship with each other was good, their chemistry during the filming would be better too.

The official shooting would start tomorrow.

As it was Wu Mosens movie, no matter how big the star was, he valued every one of them.

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