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Chapter 2951 Why Wei Wucai Wanted to Come Here Himself

So Wei Wucai came.

When Wu Mosen approached him, the female lead had not been decided yet.

But coincidentally, the female lead was Yan


Han Zhuofeng smiled and explained to Yan Zhiqing, “Big Sister Zhiqing, that cant be right.

In all this time, did you not know that Big Brother Xiao Cais company is Ledepic More”

Han Zhuofeng did not mention it before because he thought that since Yan Zhiqing was in the acting industry, she should be familiar with Ledepic More.

Wei Wucais Ledepic More was a famous special effects company in the industry.

The ordinary audience might not be familiar with the companies behind the production of movies.

They might not even remember the names of all the directors, after all.

They just knew about the few that were famous.

They could probably remember the movies of some of the other directors, but they might not know who filmed them.

As for the production teams behind them, it was even worse.

Ledepic More was extremely famous in the industry, but its not well-known to the general public.

However, as an actress, Yan Zhiqing should be familiar with Ledepic More.

Ledepic More was the special effects team that was now at the very top in the country.

Because of the existence of Ledepic More, big productions in the country no longer required special effects teams from Hollywood.

They could create excellent special effects without having to look elsewhere.

Of course, this was related to funding.

Ledepic More would create effects that were worth the funds that you provided.

At Ledepic More, things with good quality did not come at a cheap price.

Of course, this was still cheaper than the ones provided by special effects teams from overseas.

However, when it came to movies made in the country, low-quality special effects were not due to the special effects teams in the country being terrible.

There were many big productions in which a few hundred million or even a billion were invested; among these, there were many exaggerations and gimmicks.

Furthermore, even if there was a 50% discount, most of the funds were used on the actors wages.

The money being invested into special effects was not a lot.

A lot of times, it was not that the special effects teams in the country were incapable, nor was the technology in the country worse than in others.


It was because of the common practice in the industry where the funds being used on the actual production of the movie were not a lot.

Facing Han Zhuofengs doubtful gaze, Yan Zhiqing had a poker face.

“Of course I know Ledepic More.

I just didnt know that Wei Wucai is the boss of this company.”

Shi Xiaoya thought in her heart that it was fate.

They could even meet like this.

“This time, the special effects ofLeft Right would be done completely by Ledepic More.

There are many scenes that require a green screen, so Big Brother Xiao Cai brought people here,” explained Han Zhuofeng.

“In addition, there are some scenes that require special effects.

They need to have models built beforehand so that the setting can be as realistic as possible.

So Big Brother Xiao Cai came at the same time as us.”

Yan Zhiqings mouth twitched and she said, “Then… during the shooting, he will also need to be here”

“Its a must.

Given the setting that Director Wu wants, there will be adjustments needed at any time,” said Han Zhuofeng.

“So Big Brother Xiao Cai has to be here with his people all the time.”

Of course, as the boss, Wei Wucai did not actually need to be here himself.

Who knew why Wei Wucai wanted to come here himself

Han Zhuofeng did not tell Yan Zhiqing that.

After this, the five walked towards the private room inside.

On the way, Yan Zhiqing did not talk.

Wei Wucai and Han Zhuofeng led in front.

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