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Chapter 2965 I Dont Believe You at All

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

Shi Xiaoya clearly saw Yan Zhiqings eyes twitching, but she still smiled sweetly at her as if nothing had happened.

Yan Zhiqing sneered.

Shi Xiaoya felt cold from that sneer and she immediately hugged Yan Zhiqings arm.

“Zhiqing, what happened Just now, I suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom.

Zhuofeng was afraid that I wont be able to find the room when I come back, so he waited for me in the corridor.

Thats why I was a little far from you.”

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

Hehe, I dont believe you at all.

Youre… so terrible!

At this moment, Han Zhuofeng knocked on the door.

There was no need to wait for a reply from the people inside.

It was just a signal for the people inside, saying that they were here.

Then, they opened the door themselves.

Wu Mosen and Writer Hu were already inside.

There were also the Best Actor Gu Fei, who would be playing Second Master Li; Cao Jingcheng, playing Prince Chen; and Gao Zishan, who, though he was not a main character, had joined to make a special appearance.

At her level, if Gao Zishan could not be a main character in a movie, then she could not be labeled as a side character in the actor list.

She could not be a side character for others.

If she agreed to that, wouldnt it ruin her value and status

Because of that, her participation was called a special appearance.

It was considered that she was playing the role for the sake of her friendship with the director.

It showed that her relationship with the director was excellent.

She could win honor for the director while not lowering her self-value.

This was hitting two birds with one stone.

It was not just Gao Zishan.

In the industry, one must have connections.

This was how things worked.

There were many people who did this too.

Among friends, or as favors, they would show their faces in some productions, building popularity for the production while giving the audience a surprise.

However, Gao Zishan had a more important part to play; she was not just going to show her face.

So Gao Zishan also joined the crew.

There were also a few other side characters.

However, they were really not that familiar with the few side characters.

Whether it was Yan Zhiqing or Shi Xiaoya, they could not call their names.

They entered the room and immediately greeted Wu Mosen and the others.

When Wu Mosen saw that Lu Xiuse was also here, he showed a surprised expression.

Yan Zhiqing explained, “It was a coincidence.

While walking in the corridor, we met Big Sister Xiuse, who said that shes also filming nearby and is also eating here.

She heard that youre here, so she said that she has to come in and greet you no matter what.”

Yan Zhiqing did not talk bad about Lu Xiuse.

The way she spoke showed Lu Xiuses respect for Wu Mosen, so people could not nitpick anything in her words.

However, at the same time, people came to know that Lu Xiuse was here for Wu Mosen.

Wu Mosen smiled.

She was a guest, so obviously, he could not reject her.

He asked someone to add another chair.

“Just add it next to Zhiqing,” said Wu Mosen after seeing that the waiter was unsure where to add it.

He clearly did not want Lu Xiuse next to him.

This was also to show that Lu Xiuse was not being favored.

If others said it, she would probably feel that the person was being petty, trying to stop Lu Xiuse from approaching Wu Mosen.

But Wu Mosen said it himself, so Lu Xiuse could not blame others.


Lu Xiuse could only sit next to Yan Zhiqing unhappily.

Once everyone had arrived, the waiter sent in all the dishes.

After pouring the alcohol, suddenly, Lu Xiuse left her seat.

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