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Chapter 2971 You Two Know Each Other

Looking at how confident and narcissistic Wei Wucai was, she would probably be angered again by something that Wei Wucai said.

She would be torturing herself if she found something to be angry at out of nowhere.

So Yan Zhiqing kept quiet firmly.

The conversation between the two was interrupted.

No matter what the two were talking about, at least to others, it seemed like they were having a good conversation.

They whispered to each other as if they were talking about a secret that belonged only to the two of them.

Wu Mosen was sitting on the main guests seat.

Yan Zhiqing and the others had come late.

Furthermore, among those who were seated, Yan Zhiqing was considered to have the lowest seniority.

Although there were other side characters at the table, they were people who had been in the industry for many years.

There were some who had lower seniority, but they came earlier.

So Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai sat near the door.

It was just right that they were almost directly facing Wu Mosen.

Wu Mosen could see Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai talking softly.

No matter how he looked at it, he felt that this pair of young people really suited each other.

He knew about Yan Zhiqings background as well.

He did not know Wei Wucai that well; very few people knew that he was from the Wei Family.

There were fewer people who knew his identity as a member of the Mount Lan Compound.

But just from his position as Ledepic Mores boss, it was clear he was a proper young talent.

Wu Mosen saw this pair in a good light and felt that the future shooting days of the crew might even be pretty lively.

Wu Mosen was an internationally recognized director.

That alone made a lot of actresses swarm around him.

However, Wu Mosen was actually a person with good self-conduct.

He would never allow those actresses to come close to him.

Obviously, he did not have any bad habits.

Or else, Lu Xiuse would not have run out of solutions.

Wu Mosen was not so glorious when he was young.

When entering this line of work, there would always be a difficult beginning.

His wife followed him and sold everything in the house to make money for him to shoot movies.

Gradually, he gained the fame that he ha today.

Wu Mosen was not a heartless person.

He was not like those who became unfaithful, abandoning their wives who had been through hard times with them after becoming successful.

He always remembered the suffering his wife had gone through with him.

So even now, although his wife was like him, aged and not looking so good anymore, he still stuck with his wife faithfully.

He only saw these beautiful actresses as his juniors.

When he met those that were his type, he treated them like his juniors even more.

Wu Mosens impression of Yan Zhiqing was pretty good.

Although she was from the Yan Family, she was extremely diligent.

She did not become unscrupulous just because she had her family behind her.

So he felt that she was a very rare treasure.

Then he saw that Wei Wucai was a rare talent, so he truly felt that these two suited each other.

So before the two had even done anything, Wu Mosen was starting to get impatient silently.

Right now, Wu Mosen saw that the two had stopped talking

And it seemed like they had had disagreements.

Wu Mosen smiled and asked, “Zhiqing, Wucai, you two know each other”

Wei Wucai was courteous to Wu Mosen.

He said, “Our families are friends, so we have known each other since way back.” Wu Mosen was surprised.

He did not expect that not only did Wei Wucai have skills, even his family background was top-notch.

Since his family could become friends with the Yan Family, his family must not be ordinary.

Wu Mosen was quick-minded.

He immediately thought about Wei Wucais family name and asked, “Then your family… is the Wei Family of the eight great families”

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